To Vendor our Artifact Weapon

“A smart manager will establish a culture of gratitude. Expand the appreciative attitude to suppliers, vendors, delivery people, and of course, customers.”
Harvey Mackay

To Vendor our Artifact Weapon

It is going to happen. At some point, probably around level 116, we’ll get a replacement for our Artifact Weapon and, perhaps, very eagerly vendor its burned out husk. Right now there is no vendor price on our artifact.

At what amount should it vendor?

We’ve spent a lot of time on it and I think that it should vendor for one million gold. But that’s not gonna happen.

How about we look at the gold we lost by not having weapons on the loot table; that seems reasonable. Ignoring for the moment quests, world quests and dungeons, we’ll focus on raids.

Emerald Nightmare
I have 56 kills on Xavius in the LFR, 24 kills on Usroc on Normal, 21 kills on Nythendra. I’m choosing the highest number. That is 101 kills and since there are usually two weapons in a raid, lets make it 202. Because of the loot table, we have a 20% chance to get it so: 40 weapons could have been awarded me.

Trial of Valor
Only three bosses, so lets assume one weapon off of Heyla. 30 kills in the LFR, 2 kills in Normal, 3 kills on Heroic. 35 kills at a 20% chance: 7 weapons.

The Nighthold
A ten boss raid, a big one. 36 kills on Gul’dan in the LFR, 23 kills of Gul’dan on Normal, only 8 kills on Heroic Gul’dan but 20 on Trillax, can we find a middle with 12 kills? So: 71 kills and assuming two weapon drops, 142 at a 20% chance: 28 weapons.

Tomb of Sargeras

Nine boss raid, we’ll assume two weapon drops. 17 KJ kills but a whopping 30 on Mistress Sassy, so we’ll middle it at 20 for the LFR. Normal is the same with 15 on KJ and 31 on the good mistress, let’s middle it at 22. Heroic has one KJ kills and six on the Mistress so; how about 3? 45 kills doubled for two weapons is 90 at a 20% chance: 18 weapons.

Antorus, the Burning Throne

As a last raid, it would surely have two different weapon chances. 14 kills on Argus in the LFR, 41 kills on Argus on Normal, 9 kills on Argus on Heroic. So: it would double up to 128 and then down 20% to: 25 weapons.

I’m thinking that the Armory is counting kills even though I might have already done a kill that week; so, we’ll just ignore bonus rolls; if that seems fair.

Add it up.
It looks like, roughly, that I would have been awarded 118 weapons.

Lets make up a number, let us guess that the typical weapon vendors for 84 gold.

Our artifact weapon has cost us 9,912 gold by taking weapons off of the loot table. I’m sure that there are flaws in my thinking and my math but I’ll bet that I’m close.

Do you think that it would be fair that the vendor price on our artifact should be 10,000 gold?

I do!


6 thoughts on “To Vendor our Artifact Weapon

  1. Being a collector and a sentimental sort, I will probably only vendor the Artifact weapons that I actively disliked from a lore perspective — Maw of the Damned, Apocalypse, Xal’atah, Ulthalesh, Skull of the Man’ari — or didn’t particularly like the looks of — the Rogue Subtlety and Assassination daggers, the Aldrachi Warblades.

    But 50000 gold is a tempting amount for one so inept at and generally disinterested in active gold making as I am. 😛

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  2. I can’t imagine anything that will make me vendor it. I would love a sweet way to lay it to rest somehow, for all it has done for us. It’s a branch of G’Hanir, for goodness sake.

    Super cool math though 😀

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  3. I don’t know if I would have the heart to vendor it. After all the time we put in to it! Personally it would take a lot of gold to make me vendor it. It may collect dust in the void bank, but I will look fondly upon it and remember Legion.

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