Guild Event #4

“The general knowledge of time on the island depends, curiously enough, on the direction of the wind.”
John Millington Synge

Guild Event #4

Our goofy guild is hosting a series of events in game. Things like make a level one and run to Booty Bay or jump off of a high place and hit a raid marker. They are fun.

This week’s challenge is a screen shot challenge. The rules are so long that I fear people won’t participate. We will be judged on concept and tmog; however, bonus points for using your event toon, a lowbie holy pally and so much more.

The game master even told us that he was bringing in a graphic designer to judge our work. We are allowed a Title and a Caption, all have to be very few words. My initial idea was to use symbolism but I’d have explain that and I’d never have a chance.

So: here is my entry.


It is my lowbie holy pally in front of Light’s Hope Chapel.

Title: Nerf Outrage
Caption: arte et marte

I know I’m cheating by using Latin! It means “by skill and by honor”.

What I won’t tell them, unless they ask, is that it is my serene toon on the right and the angry avatar is Blightbreath with Narcissa’s Mirror and a magical biscuit. I had to wait and wait for him/her to spew and then again for a good shot. Which was the fun part!


8 thoughts on “Guild Event #4

  1. A few years ago I participated in an event on another server. We all started as level 1 Dranai sorry bad spelling. We were grouped in 3 person teams. The foot race was to run to all of the Alliance capitals, screenshot at the king with all three people, and once done race to the gates of Ogrimar. It was even more hilarious when the organizers thought it would be funny to flag up in the deep run tram, and they would gank people as they ran by. Except it was a PvE realm. Lol. Our team won because I had figured out a way no one considered. But we died many times. There was no use of heirlooms or mounts, only in game travel.

    I won a Vial of the Sands. It was a lot of fun.

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  2. Very clever! And such a pretty image, too.
    Alunaria is teaching me how to recognize pet tricks, so I was pretty sure there was a Narcissa’s Mirror involved – but I thought the standing one was the pet and was wondering where the red plumes effect came from.

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  3. My goodness, that was extraordinary. I didn’t know Blightbreath even did that when mirrored, hah, how hilarious.

    I would have loved to see every participant in this fun Guild thing! Any chance of that at all? You could make a little tribute post to your guild, unless they prefer to stay anonymous though, of course ๐Ÿ™‚

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