Alunaria’s Toy Challenge

“The biggest challenge is to stay focused. It’s to have the discipline when there are so many competing things.”
Alexa Hirschfeld

Alunaria’s Toy Challenge

Inspiration and dedication today comes from Alunaria and the Let’s Get Crazy: World of Warcraft Toy Combinations + Toy Challenge.

How much can you get going at once?

It IS a challenge. Toy effects can go pretty quickly. You can layer transformation on top and again on top of other transformations. Some toys will color your screen.

I’ve tried doing this for a few days because once you blow your cooldowns, you have to wait a while to try again.

Here is my first attempt:


While it was really fun to parachute in, I couldn’t cast Mylune’s Call in time. So, I had to change everything!

I have three screen shots. The first is the mayhem, the second is settling down and the third is even more settling down.

Here are my Instant Toys.

/cast Ruthers' Harness
/cast Slightly-Chewed Insult Book
/cast Spirit of Bashiok
/cast Stackable Stag
/cast Sylvanas' Music Box
/use Pilfered Sweeper
/use Vrykul Drinking Horn
/cast Chalice of the Mountain Kings
/cast Pandaren Firework Launcher
/cast Pendant of the Scarab Storm
/cast Power Converter
/cast Personal Hologram
/cst Pretty Draenor Pearl
/cast Prismatic Bauble
/cast Kalytha's Haunted Locket
/cast Titanium Seal of Dalaran
/cast Katy's Stampwhistle
/cast Adopted Puppy Crate
/cast Angry Beehive
/cast Arrival of the Naaru
/cast Honorary Brewmaster Keg
/cast Doomsayer's Robes
/cast Faintly Glowing Flagon of Mead
/cast Flaming Hoop
/cast Hozen Beach Ball
/cast Kaldorei Wind Chimes
/cast Soul Evacuation Crystal
/cast Touch of the Naaru
/cast Lao Chin's Last Mug
/cast Blazing Wings
/cast Bom'bay's Color-Seein' Sauce
/cast Bubble Wand
/cast Chef's Hat
/cast Copy of Daglop's Contract
/cast Darkmoon Whistle

Here are the toys on the ground that need to be channeled to use:
Brewfest Keg Pony
Brewfest Pony Keg
Darkmoon Seesaw
Katy’s Stampwhistle
Jin Warmkeg’s Brew
Nat’s Fishing Chair
Never Ending Toy Chest
Romantic Picnic Basket
Star Chart
Sturdy Love Fool
Wand of Simulated Life
Trans-Dimensional Bird Whistle
Whitewater Carp
Mylune’s Call
Ogre Pinata

I could have done more, the list is very long but I chose the above to face the challenge and to make a fun screenshot.

I did not fit in Akazamzarak’s Spare Hat, Arcano-Shower, Champion’s Salute, Little Wickerman, MOLL-E, Mushroom Chair and more. And, I am not sure that I saw the Chef’s Hat on my head, maybe that one is channeled?

Anyways, it was fun and it was a true challenge!




5 thoughts on “Alunaria’s Toy Challenge

  1. Haha, that was brilliant! I tried the Chef’s Hat too, but it wouldn’t show through.

    Wow, hats off to your macros. Super handy. How many did you have in total?

    That last one, hah, it looks like those teeny tiny animals are your minions πŸ˜€ i see Mylune’s call clearly there πŸ™‚

    Thanks so much for participating!

    I didn’t think of the parachute at all. There must be a ton of fun, but super simple combinations that would make that hilarious too!

    Liked by 1 person

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