Pre-Patch: July 17th

“A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.”
Lao Tzu

Pre-Patch: July 17th.

Right on time, eh?

When writing about not trusting Blizzard it is always in the context of game play. Will the classes be balanced and will each player have a fair chance to be invited to the ball. Or, can we trust them to design flex raiding because they have yet to accomplish that.

In all other areas, Blizzard is trusted. They make a good game. It is totally fine if they make Drums of Fury from WoD go gray (they have not yet), if it is discovered to be the case in this pre-patch then I am a-okay with that. They don’t have to announce those things, we like discovering undocumented changes.

On Tuesday, we’ll see all of our anticipated changes and this will be our new way of life in Battle for Azeroth. I like stat squish. I like the re-shuffling of our talent tree. I am curious about the new community chat systems. I dread the dreary GCD.

Besides flicking our Alts to check them out, there won’t be a whole lot to do. Our Main will go see the new quests. With gold missions gone, our Alts are done and parked for months. No need to do World Quests at all. Perhaps this is best time to take a break from WoW really.

One might be amused that they are offering to gear us up for BfA in the new PvP War Zones. That is some bait that I will not take, though I will toggle it on to check it out for twenty minutes.

The guess is that each week at Reset, we’ll get a new quest to take our story forward. How will we feel; the expectation is a rabid hatred for the other faction and we doubt that they can squeeze that emotion out of us or into us.

The AP whip burned some of us out in Legion. Time to go fly a kite or read a book and get out of Azeroth for a bit, I think.




8 thoughts on “Pre-Patch: July 17th

  1. Sadly I know from what little I have read that the fine tuning changes to my class, along with a few others, won’t happen until a later patch. Nothing excites me more than knowing what I will see come Tuesday will be an incomplete picture. Heck, we don’t even have patch notes to scramble over to find clues.

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  2. But paragon mounts from world quests 🙂 I have one left. I’ve counted that I probably go 1-2 more tries on each of my roster till August 14, then I drop it for good. I have 2 elekks already from Army of Light, yet it will be cool to acquire this very last one.

    I’m excited about new storyline, stat squish, class changes and new interface. Gear – who cares 🙂 Like we need it only to be replaced in the first couple of new levels.

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    • Yeah, guess that’s next up for me. Finally got the Drake from Throne of the four winds last night. Made an attempt at Hulon, waited 45 minutes for the spawn, it died before I could get off an instant cast with my finger on the button. So he’s off the farming list.

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  3. Great quote.

    I look forward to the patch and the squish. Very curious to see all the changes. Soothe is making a comeback I heard?! With the dispell-enrage function too? Also, Orca AND Cheetah at once. Yes please 🙂

    Will there be a lot of “content” in the patch, do you know? Like, storyline evolving, or?


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