Can’t Find Spell Power

“The moment a man begins to talk about technique that’s proof that he is fresh out of ideas.”
Raymond Chandler

Can’t Find Spell Power

While we are all eagerly waiting on the patch notes for 8.0 (probably Monday), there are changes being published in class balancing.

I’m not a math guy in WoW. I could be, I have the head for it. Shying away from that area feels obvious, still one can get curious.

Reading notes like these brings wonder at the final numbers. How do I find my Spell Power?

  • Swiftmend Instantly heals a friendly target for (210) 240% of Spell power).
  • Lifebloom Heals the target for (120) 135% of Spell power) over 15 sec. When Lifebloom expires or is dispelled, the target is instantly healed for (80% of Spell power). Limit 1.

It must be on my weapon.


Nope, I don’t see Spell Power there.

Maybe it is in my stats listing.


I don’t see it there either. Why would they post very specific information but not let us read the modifier in Spell Power?

Did I ask this before and it got blissfully lost in my head? Where am I?

4 thoughts on “Can’t Find Spell Power

  1. I believe in 7.0 they removed spell power from the character sheet and it was rolled into Intellect. Perhaps hovering over your Intellect stat might show a Spell Power number??

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  2. Hm, good question. I think the same as Marathal – it was baked into another stat, but I have no idea, if one can “get access” to it.

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  3. I think I recall spell power and attack power were rolled into appropriate stats str/agi/int per spec. Don’t recall the details or how to calculate the number. Perhaps enough of us will blow through the dust in the corners and we’ll find the misplaced info.

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