Wowhead Steps Up

“Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.”

Zora Neale Hurston

Wowhead Steps Up

We all are using the blog format. You and me and Icy Veins and MMO Champs and Blizzard Watch. There is plenty of customization in that format but it will always put the most recent post at the top.

This means that the good stuff can get buried in weeks or months past; things you want to know later or now. We’ve seen data-mining on BfA for a very long time.

Wowhead’s massive interface at the top of their pages is daunting. If you really want to find something, you have to root through all of their links and guess at what they meant by a title. But, it is there.

And, they have improved. Things that used to really annoy me like advertisements with loud sounds popping up after I’ve been on a page for ten minutes seem to be less if not gone. The pages don’t stall as much and reload. You do have to reload a page if you want to copy something to paste. It is a very busy page with a ton of code.

What once was a place to go and read comments on items, it has shifted to over-all resource service and they’ve brought in some player/writers that are very good.

I liked How to Play Your Class in the BfA 8.0 Pre-Patch. That is worth bookmarking to read again once I’m knee deep in adapting my class.

Wow Economy writes for Wowhead and also used it’s sister site on Reddit. I bookmarked BfA Gathering Professions, Skill ranks and how to get them. This is one of those articles I was afraid would be lost and buried in the past.

There is no getting around the blog format. And that is okay, we return to see the latest news. But, I think, Wowhead has done a great job of tracking it’s work; you simply have to know what you are looking for!

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