Developer Q&A on Thursday

“Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress; but I repeat myself.”
Mark Twain

Developer Q&A on Thursday

Once again we’ll get an hour with Ion and Lore. Having read the forum questions, I would guess that they will be more on the defensive instead of revealing future exciting information for BfA.

The Global Cooldown issue must be addressed. It is a big deal and a solid valid justification would be welcome.

Class changes shelved until 8.1. For many players this is unacceptable. I tend to agree with them.

The Auction House needs updating. About a year (at least) ago, Ion admitted that a player should use an addon.

I marvel at the number of transmog questions. This part of customization on a player’s character is a Very Big Deal. A lot of players care deeply about it and it is their first and number one question on the forums. Lots of ’em.

I asked one question. Something like, “why are materials for consumables tied to mythic plus dungeon bosses?”. One can easily imagine a dismissive and a dismissal by Mr. Ion as no big deal.

Again, this was also in the last Q&A forums but not addressed: viability for classes in high end mythic plus dungeons. Not being invited to the party can hurt. I see tears and chocolate in my future.

Often we are reassured that if it is broken, then they will fix it. But that answer makes us think “next expansion” not “next patch”. Based on experience!

I’m always amazed at how tepid the Q&A experience is, I can hope for some action this time.

5 thoughts on “Developer Q&A on Thursday

  1. I’ve scrolled through my played spec guides on Wowhead, and GCD seems to affect mostly major buff cooldowns, increasing your dps/attack speed for 30% for a short time or such. The ones we press once in 2 minutes. Personally it’s not such a big deal.

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      • I think several things in the Shadow tool kit were on the GCD. I’ve heard a few people that tried out Shadow in Beta that they slowed it down to a crawl. But it’s all relative. To them 70mph is probably too slow.

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  2. Class change delay is a sore point. I will try to get use to playing a new way, and in a month or more, they will switch it up some.

    The only thing I would ask is why are they designing classes around everyone using weak auras. It alters the level of difficulty enough that if you don’t use them, expect to be bottom of the pack for everything v

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