Learning Patch 8.0

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

Learning Patch 8.0

Well then, I got to log in today!

I learned:

  • My bodyguard is nerfed from 50g to 10g for doing a world quest. What was 150g per quest is now 30g.
  • Gold missions are gone.
  • The free WQs for my Mage and Warrior are gone.
  • I lost my healing trinket but that’s probably my fault!
  • Goblin Glider Kits and Drums of Fury did not go gray.
  • I have not tried to make a hexweave bag yet.
  • I did the Eastern Kingdom pet tamers but did not notice the upgrade designs for pets. Maybe those upgraded are not in that stable of pets.

I took my Mage to Krauses Landing and cast Arcane Intellect on every alliance player that I could see. I’ll do that to pass the time now and then.

I did two emissary runs and got order resources instead of gold. I imagine that is a permanent change.

I appreciate that they don’t want to make us feel like that there is stuff to be done in Legion when we are in the next expansion.

Finally, I am waiting for Vuh Do and Recount to have updated addons. I’d like to do some test runs in the LFR with my changed talents and get a feel for them.

I’ve not visited the other guides but Icy Veins has the changes for Resto-Druid.

The writer makes several very good points. One is that we have a choice between decent through-put or strong cooldowns. This might suggest talent changes from boss to boss in raids; we know that we are locked in mythic plus.

Another good point is “damage is damage”. Even if a healer does small damage, it is better than standing around. The expectation should be that we are contributing to damage in a fight.

Finally, the advice is to get as many of our strong cooldowns used in a fight. This is so our numbers look good, I imagine. I’ve played the “top the charts” game and it is an empty reward. For example, the suggestion is to take the talent that makes tranquility on a 60 second cooldown and to use it (almost) off of cooldown — I think that is a pure numbers game. BUT, we won’t know until we see the status of the players in BfA fights.

Reporting live from the Runetotem Server, this is Wrathsome. Now, back to you.


9 thoughts on “Learning Patch 8.0

  1. Insta-quests gone? Noooooooo! 🙂 I will have to do pet battles with my own hands 🙂
    Resource rewards for emissaries is sweet! It will help my paragon mount farm. Btw, rep tokens are still there in the missions.
    One more thing: many sources for legendary purchase currency. I’ll be lazily collecting them for transmog sakes.

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  2. Its nice to see your take on resto druid. My druid is primarily restoration so it’s a fun bit of insight to read. Servers were unavailable to me for most of the day. So unfortunately I was only able to test out my main, a warlock.

    I’ve seen your comments on another blog fairly frequently and was pleased to find out you also wrote blog posts! So now I have more wow stuff to read! Yay

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  3. Don’t forget: each character has a key and 1000 essences on the class hall chest.

    Oh I’ve been loving the “Everyone gets an Arcane Intellect buff!!” Hehehe

    So far I’ve checked my new talents on four characters, the visual update to water elemental, played around a bit to see if I’d die quickly, checked the demonology and destro animations and opened a ticket to ask where my hard earned honor had gone (There’s a bug, and some players UI doesnt show their proper honor level. Its being fixed, but no worries, the honor is still there).

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      • Indeed. My ticket was motivated by panic, because I saw all my friends and guildies getting their honor right, but I wrote an amusing message regarding honor lost in the Twisting Nether and not wanting it to be sold by Ethereals on the black market.
        I also added a small apology for the ticket on patch day, and that I realised things were probably super busy chaotic on their side, so there was no rush, I just wanted to know if it was on my side or theirs.
        The GM who replied was amazing, as they’ve always been to me, and confirmed it was a patch problem, that he could confirm my honor level to be.

        We sometimes forget the amount of resources and things that must go nearly 100% to launch this many changes worldwide. And from what I learned with my computer engineering friends…stuff happens. Fixing one thing, can temporarily break another.

        One of good things of monthly subscriptions: we can always rely on things to get fixed 🙂

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  4. Thank you, Wrathsome for your report live from the Runetotem Server, I am sitting here in the studio with the Druidess Alunaria, who almost went mental; she runs around in mayhem yelling stuff like “What about Orca, and Cheetah at once, and what about Hibernate and Soothe!” 😀

    Thank you for the overview. I didn’t know most of it. Patch notes are not very detailed. Its the undocumented stuff that has my attention.

    Hey, did that “3 free casts from proc”-talent go away?

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