Pet Tamer Rounds

“I’ve been imitated so well I’ve heard people copy my mistakes.”
Jimi Hendrix

Pet Tamer Rounds

By the way; Bonkers can go into a cage now. If you are dripping with Timeless Isle coins, it could be a good time to go to the cave and gamble and then sell a few.

I don’t think that I’m the only player who skips questing and uses the battle pet tamers as a daily quest for xp. Ten or eleven quests a day in about half an hour.

It all depends on intention, for me there are reasons to level up a character with no hurry at all.

With the Heirloom Toy that grants flight paths, a very low character can do Elwynn Forest, Westfall, The-one-with-the-bunnies, Thorium Point and Light’s Hope Chapel. And, as you get stronger and face the new scaled zones; expand that to include Duskwood and Booty Bay. Then, when you can fly, Flamestar Post and the Hinterlands. Finally, if you have had a Mage help you and have set your hearth to New Dalaran; there is a portal to Kara with it’s tamer.

The best part is how deadly dull it is. These are the times to read blogs or write them, check your e-mail, get a new coffee or even que up for a pvp pet battle.

As it is deadly dull, lately my interest has gone to reducing the number of turns in a battle. Typically I have used the Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling because he is a tough guy.

Now, I am looking at AoE spells to bring down all three at once. Blightbreath is a lot of fun; cast Acid Rain and then Dreadful Breath. The Breath runs for three turns automatically so you don’t have to click at all. This guy shines on Thorium Point.


The Infernal Pyreclaw is good for reducing turns with it’s AoE. Open with Great Sting and then Cleave. Really satisfying in Duskwood and the Bunny Tamer.

Eleven low impact dailies with rested XP is not a horrible way to level a character for some odd intention. One amusing thing is that you don’t meet anyone; zero rep.

Help me out here, do you have any great AoE pets to reduce the number of turns (its all about the turns, no troubles) on the battle pet tamers?


One thought on “Pet Tamer Rounds

  1. How clever. I did not think of those “attack lasts several rounds, so you can do something else”- pets. Neat 🙂 Did you do any PvP Pet battles? Can you feel a difference with those nerfs to Teroclaw, Darkness and Haunt I wonder?


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