Resto-Druid: Mastery

“The more complicated and powerful the job, the more rudimentary the preparation for it.”
William F. Buckley, Jr.

Resto-Druid: Mastery

or Mastering our Mastery

I’ve been living on Questionably Epic lately. I read, practice, return. Mostly I’ve been looking at raiding and using Spring Blossoms. If I were in a dungeon, it would be Germination.


He has a section on getting the most out of our mastery. His advice is to make sure that you can have multiple HoTs on players by, in common practice, paying attention to the tanks and melee inside your mushroom. That is the general strategy.

I am not ignoring ranged, I’m stacking HoTs on melee.

I went to Vuh Do and set up my columns to list in tanks, melee, ranged and ranged heals. Here is where you can set the columns and you can drag the panels to the order that you like. See the listing at the top of each panel?


Here is a typical LFR raid. There are more melee than ranged and that is typical. My columns let me focus on the tanks and then work over, up and down on the melee. He also suggests that you cast Wild Growth on any melee as it has a 40 yard range and will insure that you are ticking on your group.


The Spring Blossoms talent has a HoT element to it, so that is on our Mastery list. The mushroom does not HoT.

So, a tank could have Cenarion Ward, Lifebloom, Rejuvenation, Spring Blossoms and a Wild Growth for five spells. Add Regrowth perhaps and the HoT stacks of Tranquility and you are cooking right along.


I might have to get a Weak Aura for Lifebloom, it is easy to let that drop when you want to extend it in the last three seconds.

Finally, a meaningless screen cap. I’m in heroic raid gear in the LFR so I should top the charts. Still, it shows that stuff is working.


Happy Hunting and may all your hits … be crits!

2 thoughts on “Resto-Druid: Mastery

  1. Thank you for the review – I’m still looking forward to giving healing a go after the patch 🙂 Is there anything you miss? Except Displacer Beast, naturally!

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