Using a Healer Addon

“Great acts are made up of small deeds.”
Lao Tzu

Using a Healer Addon

When the pre-patch dropped, my healing addon was broken. I have a Warrior friend who takes great pride in not using addons. He sees zero duplicity in whispering me to check where he stands on the DPS charts.

He taunted me. He even asked if I wanted to heal a mythic plus. I said that my character was unplayable. His inference was that I was a lesser player because I need addons. Even worse, he refuses to get it.

Lets makes some grand generalizations and look at the difference. Granted, he is a mere warrior and talks non-stop, so I suspect that he is spamming 1,2,3,4 but, lets pretend that he is working on a rotation.

Icy Veins lists seven spells for a Fury Warrior rotation. On a boss fight, lets assume that he has to make a decision once every two seconds. That is thirty decisions a minute. On a twelve minute boss fight like Archimonde or Argus that is:
Seven Spells times 30 decisions-a-minute times 12 minutes to equal a total of: 2,520 decisions.

Ice Veins lists ten spells for a Resto-Druid rotation. On a boss fight, lets assume that I make a decision once every two seconds also. Using the same math of thirty decisions per minute and then a twelve minute fight we have to add one more factor — our targets. Healers have, lets say, fifteen players in a raid. So: ten spells times 30 decisions-per-minute times 12 minutes times 15 targets for a total of: 54,000 decisions.

Clearly he is a simple warrior with few responsibilities and can rattle on and on about Vanilla while spamming his four keys but the difference in the number of decisions is astonishing!

The above is a very broad generalization. It skips the decision of when to move or to prioritize a certain target or the longer three-minute cooldowns. Or for the melee to swap targets, which they refuse to do anyway.

Yeah, an addon makes sense.

3 thoughts on “Using a Healer Addon

  1. An Addon really does make sense. What a great post. Now I can proudly display something along the lines of “Alunaria. Been making over 50.000 decisions every day for a decade.” when I want to apply for a leadership position 😀

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  2. Don’t forget dispels or cleanses.

    I don’t even want to math out how many decisions a minute my Shadowpriest had. Because on top of what ever Icy Veins had, I routinely Shield myself to take pressure off healers, try to Dispel when I see a warning, use the Stun I have with Mind Bomb, Dispersion to get my health back, and that Healing spell I have that I forget the name of. And maybe that partially why my DPS is low. I don’t rely on the healer keeping me up because I refused to use a personal cool down so my numbers would be higher on the chart.

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