Déjà Darkshore

Phil: Do you ever have déjà vu, Mrs. Lancaster?
Mrs. Lancaster: I don’t think so, but I could check with the kitchen.
Groundhog Day

Deja Darkshore

Alunaria got some great responses to her post: War of Thorns Chapter One, Are You Feeling It?. And there is a nice wide range of responses too.

Several players in my guild were doing the quest chain last night and asking about things in guild chat. We all know our world tree is going to burn. They, for sentimental reasons, decided to leave their characters in Darnassus until the next step of the quest chain.

I logged some Alts out on the open beach in Darkshore. Picking up some new gear is not a bad thing. Getting out of combat to fly away can be hard and you feel trapped and not powerful. I’m wondering if we’ll get other pieces next week from the WQs or even if they’ll be in the same place. Maybe there will be another set in what is left of Teldrassil, that would be pretty rough to do.

The gear can warforge and titanforge. The weapons sell for 100g, so if you are in the neighborhood, why not hop over and do another World Quest. Gnomecore confirmed that the pieces are from our character creation screen. My newer Alts from newer classes could benefit in that sense.

This is how it should be before an expansion. Very little to do, just a trickle of things to keep me involved works perfectly. We are not expecting any more changes from Blizzard, fixes, lots of fixes.

4 thoughts on “Déjà Darkshore

  1. I’m getting some improved gear, but my baseline is 210. Won’t hunt for possible upgrade procs, even if there are 2 chest piece quests running at the same time.

    I’m logging out in a safe space close to the world quest areas – and sometimes in the world quests areas 🙂 Like the top of the ruins of then-naga – now-azerite island, or some rock. The goal is minimizing travel time upon login, that’s vital for many alts.

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  2. It was nice to get chattin’! So many different views and angles on it, I cherished that a lot.

    Awww I have my very first Druid placed in Darnassus too…I do not think I am prepared for what is coming.

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