Darkshore: Round Two

“When there are no more naive hicks left, you have a culture where everybody is conning each other all the time. There are no more earnest “squares” left—everybody’s “hip”, everybody is cynical.”
R. Crumb

Darkshore: Round Two

Well, well, well; that is going on the World of Warcraft?

First up, our favorite blogger and inspiration Alunaria as been nominated for the Liebster award! These things spread and she has nominated me, which is very flattering. I will say that I hope Alunaria wins the award! She’s the best.

I just did the new set of quests that lead us into the Battle for Azeroth. The cut scenes seem to be more comic-bookish in style. The drawings are stills and the camera zooms in or over to give it life. Kinda sorta like that. I like the style and am glad to see Blizzard exploring different avenues in animations for their cut scenes.

My “working” Alts who will see early BfA have gotten their 210 sets. I’m guessing that this is all that we have to earn; no trinkets or rings but they could show up tomorrow so I’ll be looking. If you are curious, these Alts are the miners and herbalists and alchemists who are not my Main but will do limited specific play-through to get to the point of being a viable Profession Alt.

Other than that, our raid team has practiced on their new characters for their roles in the next expansion. Our last meeting is tonight and then we are off until the next raid.

Oh, it turns out that I have some Elixir of the Rapid Mind potions in my bank. I sold one for 100,000 gold on the Auction House! Woot!


8 thoughts on “Darkshore: Round Two

  1. I got a 240 Titan forged chest piece from the World quest the other day. Oh, and my total is now 4 of the same staff, for doing the quests two times.

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  2. The cutscene is a part of Warbringers shorts as you surely know 🙂
    Blizzard has done this before, demon hunter starting questline also opens with one of the shorts (obviously about Illidan).

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