Over-Prepping for BfA

“Invincibility lies in the defense; the possibility of victory in the attack.”
Sun Tzu

Over-Prepping for BfA

In my romantic heart, I want to level thorough the Battle for Azeroth zones in my Resto-Druid healing specialization. Chances are fantastic that I’ll buckle and end up as Balance but for the moment, a tree can dream.

Because next Tuesday’s next-quest-step will give us our new neck pendant that we will wear forever, I moved my Legendary pieces around. Instead of neck and shoulders, I am wearing a trinket and ring.

I am wondering if the Balance offensive Legendaries will trigger and work if I am in Resto-Druid spec; and in the Balance Affinity talent. How would I even find out? A little extra to Solar Wrath or something might be nice. But, I am probably over-preparing for something that won’t be crazy hard.

I don’t know why Dalaran can’t float over to our new islands and remain a Sanctuary City. I suppose for exposition reasons, we are at war but that is the point of Sanctuary: perhaps find a way to peace.

Still, leaving our order halls and Dalaran and the Broken shores and islands will be a welcome change. Some shoulder room and room to breath in the anticipated wider zones will be very well embraced. Fel enough!


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