Oh My Elune

“The power of imagination makes us infinite.”
John Muir

Oh My Elune

I asked the question in a comment to Gnomecore’s excellent blog and decided to bring it up front. I’m not enough of a lore guy to understand but where is Elune?

I thought that Tyrande was as powerful as the other big guys. Those other big guys did some mighty big magic in the three parts of the pre-patch build up to BfA. Especially with the middle event in Darnassus, I’d have thought there would be something but maybe I missed it? What is the deal here, where is Elune?

I have to laugh a little bit, all of the guys who write the guides have to go back. Resto-Druid got some buffs that might be significant. I know that most guides were telling us to skip Photosynthesis. But now …


  • Photosynthesis now increases rate of all HoTs by 20% (was 15%).
  • Photosynthesis haste effect now affects Efflorescence.
  • Cultivation healing reduced by 17%.
  • Rejuvenation healing increased by 6%.


Over at Diary of a Guild Leader is a fine tutorial on Navigating the New Guild Management Panel. I see that it got some fixes today too, hot fixes!


  • Fixed a bug preventing Guild ranks with invite permissions from properly inviting.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Guild and officer note updates to be delayed if the member was offline.
  • Fixed multiple bugs that caused some players to be unexpectedly removed from General and Trade chat channels.

It is a new interface and many in my guild were confused and pressing me to do invites and (almost) accusing me of changing permissions. It wasn’t my fault!

I think with that fine tutorial and the hot fixes that I might be less confused now.

I’m really ready for the new expansion. Logging into Legion isn’t a whole lot of fun and a bit dreary. It’ll be here soon enough.


7 thoughts on “Oh My Elune

  1. Aw shoot, but buffs are always welcome. Now they have to number squish all over. What a hot fix, up and down.

    Very cute Tottle there 🙂 Did they fix the bug with his…Is it called Shellrush?

    When it comes to questioning the lack of presence and acts from Elune and the Kaldorei, I have given up. I am just…done. I don’t know what to say. I haven’t done the scenario, I just watched the cinematics on wowhead. I don’t care about spoilers anymore.

    Great guide to the new Guild management panel, I imagine it has caused quite the confusion and trouble to learn all the new functions there.

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  2. Elune is one of their bigger mysteries similar to what are the void lords. She has interacted a few times, one big event was her doing whatever she did with Ysera. But maybe she doesn’t like being called in for conflict?

    I would have preferred Tyrande to be at the battle too, hopefully she will play a part somewhere in this expansion.

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