Pragmatic Leveling in BfA

“There’s a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.”
Steven Wright

Pragmatic Leveling in BfA

Candidly, I probably won’t do anything on this list. Consider me a reporter rather than a zeolot.

Let’s list up the “leveling things” for BfA.

  • Rested XP. If you have more that one character, visit him or her once so that they can start building up the Rested bonus.
  • Profession Trainers. I think that we’ll need to see the trainers for our professions before we can start getting points. Ask a guard, they are sure to be in your new BfA capital. Expect the Fishing Trainer to be much farther away.
  • Addon. The leveling addon is Azeroth Auto Pilot. It promises to:
    • Skip cutscenes
    • Hotkey quest-items
    • Where to go with a Big Arrow
    • What to do: Quest Objectives window
    • Asks if you want to do group quests
    • Auto takes flightpaths for a quest
    • Auto talk to NPC
    • Auto pickup and handin quests
    • Shows button for quests with usable items

    There is an appeal in burning through content until 120 and then after doing some WQs to power up, go back and finish the zones with little struggle over the mobs.

  • Zone Order. If you are “geared” to begin, do the harder zones first. Drustvar then Tiragarde Sound then Stormsong Valley. If you are not geared, reverse that. While we do have zone scaling, Drustvar will be more compact with more mobs.
  • Rares. The thought is to not do them while leveling. A rare drops gear at your level and 120 gear will be much more valuable to you.
  • Mining and Herbing. Always worth the stop, a little xp and skill points along the way.
  • Making Gold.
    • The Scrapper is going to change the dynamic of our economy. Loot armor or weapons that you don’t want, the Scrapper will return to you crafting materials. If the looted armor was made of metal, you will get ore; if it was made of leather, then you will get leather. The question is: how much loose gear will be dropping as we quest and how much loose gear will be dropping once we are past the questing experience?
    • I think that it will be noticeable when shopping for materials in the AH the difference between the dedicated gatherers and the scrappers. It should keep the over all prices lower.
    • These first few weeks the cost of materials will rocket high. At the end of the day, feel free to put your goodies on the AH.
    • The alternate tactic is to point your goal to the day that the raids and mythic plus and the pvp season begins and then start selling your consumable wares.
  • War Mode. Turn it on. Chances are that you won’t see an enemy player in your questing zones for days, the bonus xp should be worth it. When you start to see enemy players or feel like you hate it; turn it off.
  • Hearthstone. I’m guessing that it will be best to set it at the first Inn you see during the Intro quests into the islands, that will probably be the best bet for now. I’d keep my Dalaran stone in my bags, for sure.

That’s the list! Chances are very good that I’ll not be very pragmatic and mount up and ride and ride until I see something that I like and quest there for a while. I hope to have random fun.

Did I miss anything obvious?

Mount Macro:

#showtooltip Azure Water Strider
/cast Pretty Draenor Pearl
/cast Everlasting Alliance Firework
/cast Bubble Wand
/cast Prismatic Bauble
/cast Azure Water Strider

Play safe. Be nice.

6 thoughts on “Pragmatic Leveling in BfA

  1. Although I know the odds are slim I will run into an Alliance player, Warmode is staying off permanently for me. The 10% bonus is just another big carrot on a stick to me, and I’m tired of being beaten with the stick.

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      • I don’t want to have to stop, hearth back to town, disable it, ride back to where I was, because an Alliance player that hit 120 days before me, has worked their way over to where I am questing for an easy kill. If I want to PvP, I will go into a battleground, or join an arena team. I am years past enabling PvP to participate in random world content.

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  2. You always have interesting quotes to start with. Today’s is great. Made me chuckle. Great start of my day. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the good advice and reminders. I really know very little of what is coming so nice help πŸ™‚

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  3. The addon Azeroth Auto Pilot makes me so sad! I get that people use it on an Alt, but gosh. The story is there to be told, not skipped. We are all different of course πŸ™‚ Happy exploring! I do not know if you missed anything, I am clueless; Just the way I like it :p

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