BfA Leveling: This New Balance

“Anyone can do any amount of work provided it isn’t the work he is supposed to be doing at the moment.”
Robert Benchley

BfA: This New Balance

I dinged 117 and decided to change specs for a while. I tried the Balance spec and had so much fun playing it that I kept killing the Sirens and the Charmed Sailors long after I’d completed the quest.

Spec swapping is a piece of cake, give it a go while leveling. Your gear matches your intentions.

I picked up Francois the chicken because I might not always have one million gold in my bags.

I healed three dungeons last night with my guild mates. My druid mobility is really great. Tanks need heals, oh yes they do. It seemed that all three required lots of movement, so Spring Blossoms is out and Inner Peace is in; Flourish and Germination seem pretty equal as the necessaries. I wish I could have them both.

My to-do list is a big one. It is Day Four of the expansion and nothing is done!

7 thoughts on “BfA Leveling: This New Balance

    • That’s a good idea. As of this point, I didn’t know the names of the dungeons — we just queued in randomly and they were off to the races. I will say that in every case, you have to be ready to move — I don’t know how those channeling healers will do it. Probably easier once you know what to avoid in advance.

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  1. Amazing quote ^^
    Balance is so much fun. I love the changes done to the spec for BfA, feels so much fluid now 🙂 (I do miss throwing a Full Moon at groups though 😋)

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