BfA: Week One

“There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.”
Henry Kissinger

BfA: Week One

Hard to believe that it has only been a week, so much has happened.

The biggest shock was the transition from 110 to 120 and especially from 119 to 120. Your secondary stats drop down to 6%. One would rather step up onto the stage instead of stepping down.

There is a world of sympathy for the fresh 120 tanks. A player at 110 is strong enough to easily pull aggro off of a tank in a dungeon. The tanks got hit pretty hard all around in the BfA paradigm.

Didn’t it feel just a little mean spirited to not have the flight point in Boralus be a rested area? We all use flight paths for our own health, to get up and walk around. Landing in Boralus and not getting some zzzz’s feels a little nasty. You have to take the full flight and then a simple three or four steps before you can take your break.

One doesn’t begrudge the loss of the traits on the Underlight Angler but fishing in general needs to go faster, that bobber never seems to bounce before 50% of the channeling. The pools are a danger already, speed this stuff up!

So much is so good in Battle for Azeroth, the little tripping hazards really stand out.

6 thoughts on “BfA: Week One

  1. I’m developing a sinking feeling it’s all about time. Sure people are hitting cap quickly. It’s taken me a touch longer than the last two expansions it feels like. But when you look at all you need to do. It’s daunting.

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  2. Oh, what happened to the fishing pole? I never got around to level mine fully.

    Aha, so the difference from 119 and 120 is the biggest one? I just reached 111, and I thought I could sense a difference compared to 110 already.

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    • Happily no need to level the underlight angler at all. Like Wildeheart says, the major traits still work and, really, it isn’t needed that much. I used it for water walking when I was way out on the Great Sea and fishing and fishing (and fishing) to get to 150 and hoping for the mount.

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