Reset Day

“A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”
Charles Spurgeon

Reset Day

No complaints from me on Reset Day, I don’t think I had anything to reset!

Order resources continue to be a problem for me, grinding them via WQs feels so terribly grindy.

Today is Champions of Azeroth emissary and I got my neckpiece boosted by 15 ilevels! This is rep, I believe. The turn-in is in Silithus and the portal is in the same portal room in Boralus that has Exodar, Stormwind, etc.

Ilevel 321. This is largely through WQs. Actively looking for upgrades is not horrible. Rings, I can’t find any rings: ever the bridesmaid, that’s me.

Blizz threw us a fake-out by putting the weekly World Boss on the map today. He never showed up. Now Bizz says that it should not happened until Sept. 4th. Dude, that boss drops 355 gear, I hope they also sell bonus rolls by then.

Here is a screen shot of all of us waiting for the World Boss that never showed. A giant bronto surrounded by mammoths. Having some fun in Azeroth!


6 thoughts on “Reset Day

  1. A SCREENSHOT! 😀 Thank you 😉 /takes a close look at interface to learn! I run with Vuhdo now, and made it look like Grid, suits me well. It can look so different! Two Cenarion/Innervates and so – for when casting on you and another, or? Oh, that Saucer…I must get that.

    HoT on 🙂


    • Yeah. I make the tank the focus and have a macro for /tar focus /cast Cenarion Ward and the same for the 20% damage reduction (barkskin, I think). And then I usually want to make sure that the innervate is on me /tar wrathsome /cast innervate.
      And then the spells are also there if I want to pick someone to cast them on; which is a two-step thing.
      I don’t have it in front of me but those macros end with /targetlasttarget so I can keep shooting the boss too!

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