Too Many Caves!

“Ads are the cave art of the twentieth century.”
Marshall McLuhan

Too Many Caves!

It is fun to explore and hunt around for an entrance. Some of them are sneaky and can barely be seen and other are huge guarded caverns. It is like a landscape puzzle.

Only a couple of times has Wowhead been the answer to finding an entrance.

But, really, enough is enough! My complaint about caves is the same complaint that I have had since Burning Crusade, WotLK, Cata, Pandaria, WoD and Legion — you have to fight your way in and by the time you find your shiny, you have to fight your way out. Instead of killing the ten required, you kill twenty or thirty. It is like walking in mud.

Or, you hearth out and defeat the whole design.

And that is a shame. Flying back to do a turn-in makes you feel kind of icky, like a cheater.

The first cave is full of mystery and kind of scary and will there be hoped for surprises. Thank Elune for prowl! Still, when enough players are in the same cavern, you can have mobs sprouting back up under your feet while you decipher a map!

Happily, and I am happy, these are all part of questing and won’t be seen but once. Except for the Azerite WQs and that’s okay, I guess. Or if you have an Alt or ten.

5 thoughts on “Too Many Caves!

  1. Hah, oh, tell me about it. I sometimes stealth, when I have these “kill stuff in caves” because part of me just thinks “I will kill plenty on my way out, I am sure! If I find my way out…” Still, I like it. Reminds me of my first cave in Darkshore…♥

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  2. Omg. Those new cave models where the entrance is like a glorified crack in the ground are the worst for me! I have such a hard time finding them and they always take me longer to figure out than anything else in the game.

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