WoW’s Happening

“Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.”
Ernest Hemingway

What’s Going On in WoW .. Today

Me? My gear is at ilevel 326. Revered with the Order of the Ember and always starved for order resources. My alchemist alt is working on Storm’s Wake rep to get the ranked recipes. I have not been to the Auction House to sell stuff.

The Dev Q&A is today and I arranged my day and errands to be free to watch it. Deez Wurds has a post on You’re Not Doing the Content so You Don’t Matter covering how you want to be under 300 ilevel to avoid the ever-scaling mobs. This means leaving your rings and vaunted neck piece in your bank. I expect some very good explanations from on why Blizzard has designed a defeating mechanic in scaling where we are not, in fact, getting stronger as we gear up.

Alunaria the Blessed has posted a guide on that horse jumping thing. Titled The Reining Champion Show Me What You’ve Got Best In Show is a pictorial guide for players like me: who tried once, failed and said “no way”. I’ll be back.

As a new reader to Moonshine Mansion, I enjoyed the overview of BfA Dungeons So Far. I completely agree! And, I like the shorthand names that we really use instead of the actual title of the dungeon. Clever.

I love reading Misdirections. I think she is the best writer writer among us all. The post on Disorganized asks every question and more. Kinda sums it all up.

And I am trying to organize myself too. In the wee dawn-breaking morning, I do my daily cooldowns and send my alchemist out a-questing for a while. After reset I look for my main to find gear world quests and “the fun ones” like saving the baby turtles. And then slog back over to the war campaign and run, run and more running across the horde zones.

Okay, enough typing for now. Let’s have a good day in Azeroth!

4 thoughts on “WoW’s Happening

  1. I’ve stopped reading Misdirections. The blog attracted me first as a very well written, there’s lots of talent indeed. But she’s writing about how the game design makes her miserable, and developers’ specific goal is to f*ck up her life and harass her – they’re James Bond villains in her version of events, no less.

    It’s nigh to impossible to find any positive thought there, and you need to bring a lantern. I still wonder why she still plays the game that makes her so unhappy.

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  2. Such variety in blogging content, it sounds great to contribute in our own unique way 🙂

    And aww. What a title. Is that in game? The Blessed! Sweet, thank you so much ♥

    Did you like Ion’s explanation on that scaling thing?

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