The Devs and Me

“Too much of a good thing can be taxing.”
Mae West

The Devs and Me

I’d love to take Ion and Lore out for drinks. If only to see them loosen up a little bit. With Ion, I’d use the word “contained”. And, often that is a good thing!

Yesterday’s presentation was a good one. I felt that Ion was honest. Without that feeling that he is spinning something to convince us to like it, it was really good.

Again, always forgiven for not being professional speakers and presenters. They can’t handle their microphones and the camera was on auto-focus which was distracting.

They got to the big question first; which was a relief. We can and should keep our gear equipped, the mobs do scale to our level but less and less as we get higher and stronger. They will never be one-shot or trivial but they should get much easier over time.

This next Reset Day, azerite armor (head, shoulders, chest) will be tradable. The next question should have been; why not allow it to war- and titan-forge? If they are dropping their rigid design, I don’t see why it can’t roll up in ilevel*.

This next Reset Day, catch-up mechanics for our neckpiece will be in place. I’m not sure what this will mean to me, but maybe my Alt will get some love.

Zero questions on professions and being forced into mythic dungeons to craft consumables. That is the one thing that is hanging me up on advancing the design they have created.

It all, it was very good. I felt happy to be playing and eager to continue. It is possible that they “cherry picked” the questions, still; they did get straight to the big one.

*Today I scrapped three shoulder pieces. I already had those shoulder pieces. Maybe I should be more selective in my WQs, eh?

3 thoughts on “The Devs and Me

  1. I have always thought since Legion added it in, why require doing a Mythic dungeon for materials to craft gear that is lower than what is awarded from a Mythic dungeon. I mean you would think that they realize that people want to make the gear so they can run the Mythic.

    I had a thought on it. Allow BoP versions of the gear piece to be crafted by the person. If they want to make it sellable have a component only drop as a reward for completing a full Mythic.

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  2. I have no idea what awaits me at 120! But okay, so, we have to go to Mythics multiple times for our professions to level up and obtain patterns? Good to know!

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