Druid Healing Logic

“In the successful organization, no detail is too small to escape close attention.”
Lou Holtz

Druid Healing Logic

I’ve been healing on this ol’ Druid since WotLK. Frankly, my UI has evolved and might not make sense because I may have put a spell somewhere and am used to looking for it there. I use Bartender 4. You can see some “clusters” of spells.

Let’s break it down.

I only have five spells on Vuh-Do.

  • Left button: Rejuvenation (and, if talented, Germination)
  • Scroll wheel: Lifebloom
  • Right button: Regrowth
  • Alt Right button: Wild Growth
  • Shift Left button: Dispel

Here is the left side of my Action bar:


Offensive spells on 1 – 5, with 1 being a talent for an interrupt or, today, it is the instant aoe roots. Right above it is the spell for single target roots which is channeled. (I’m questing a lot and, if chased, I can cast instant roots on all of them and leave them behind).

The faded out buttons are either an Affinity, a Talent (big tree) or they are quest items from leveling up.

You can see three macros. The Dash is macro’d with bubbles, sparkles, rainbows.

At the top right of the screen cap, you can see “tanks”.


When I begin a dungeon (or raid) I will make the tank a “focus”. This macro will cast Ironbark on the tank and Barkskin on me, they both have a one minute cooldown. And then it will target the last thing that I had targeted, usually the boss so I can Moonfire and stuff. Also, if I have no one on focus, both of those quickly can go on me!

The Stackable Stag is a toy.

The next is “cenarion”. This is a one-click onto the tank. And, again, targetlasttarget.


The spell without the macro is on my bar so that I can cast it on (me) someone who might be taking a some damage.

Remembering that all healing spells do not require facing anyone, these can be cast on the run.

The next is the bottom right of the action bars.


Nothing of note really, healing spells for when I heal something that is not in our team, like a boss. Two macros for toys; fireworks and blazing wings with bubbles, sparkles, rainbows.

The Innervate macro is to make sure that it is me, me, me.


The bars to the right, vertical:


  1. At the top are some mounts. The Rider2 mount has … bubbles, sparkles, rainbows.
  2. Fishing and Yak
  3. The Underlight Angler and next to it is my weapon, for quick swaps.
  4. Drums and a Saucer macro for a toy and pets.
  5. Flight Bird Whistle and Shadowmeld
  6. Dreamwalk macro (sparkles etc) and Dispel — even though it is on Vuhdo, I can look to see when it is off of cooldown.
  7. Swiftness potions and Battle Rez — again, so I can look to see when it is off cooldown
  8. Engineering Loot-a-rang and rebirth
  9. Mass rez and skull
  10. Blingtron 6000 for repairs and star
  11. Globlin glider kits and square
  12. Engineering tinker on cloak for gliding and X

Skull, Star, Square and X are raid markers and can be used in dungeons. Often I put a Star on the tank’s head in a dungeon, Skull means first kill, Square means CC, X usually means second kill.

This is done through a script and you can see I’ve hot buttoned it to F1 – F4. These are done via macros.


Because it is hard to see in the graphic, here is the script for skull. 8 is skull, the other numbers will give you square, moon, star, coin, X and so on.

/script SetRaidTarget("target",8);

This is how I play today. After posting this, I might put Cenarion Ward on Vuhdo now that Healing Touch is gone from the game. But I have some old habits!

One thought on “Druid Healing Logic

  1. This post might as well be renamed to “Things Alunaria will appreciate!” 😀 Thanks so much for the insight! I’m going to be well prepared for when I start Dungeons 🙂

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