Raiding Luxury

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Raiding Luxury

I always eagerly read the posts on Wowhead about the Wow Economy Weekly Wrap-Up. These guys are good at what they do and they are smart.

It came no shock to me when they concluded that potions and flasks will be luxury items in raiding and not mandatory. One example in the article was a 20 man raid for three hours; to fully pot and flask the team it would take 8000 herbs. That is a staggering amount for one night.

I’ve been pushing for rep for rank three recipes in cooking and alchemy. The amount of materials required is too high for consistent output.

Another interesting thing is that so many players are leveling up Alchemy that you can find potions right now under the vendor price.

The writers suggest that almost everyone will change to herb/alchemy because the other professions are designed so poorly. For example, the leathermaking gear you make can only be used at 120; if it had been gear for 111 then maybe it would be useful.

Instead of blaming ourselves, lets be completely honest about this. As amazing as BFA is, the team in charge of professions dropped the ball big time, it feels as though one team designed the professions and an entirely different team was in charge of balancing/tuning them.

And …

I definitely see this train of thought from the development team, as I have heard several times in Q&As specifically for consumables that they don’t want players to feel obligated to have potions to use twice per boss pull in a raid, or expensive food for every attempt. All of these, to them, should be luxuries and used when an encounter is close to finished or learning a transition rather than part of the basic rotation of a class.

Personally, I’m sad. I liked knowing when to use that second potion in a boss fight. I liked tossing down a feast after a wipe, it felt like encouragement to keep trying.

The profession designer’s goals and ideals seem to be counter to how the players like to play.

4 thoughts on “Raiding Luxury

  1. This sounds silly! I also really liked maximising when I used to raid. That’s long gone now? Surely that can’t be. Hm, I guess having to spend a lot of time farming AP for the Necklace (right?) the devs wanted to put a stop to having to farm mats for pots and flasks…I don’t know what to say about that.

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