The Anxious Raider

“Of course I talk to myself. I like a good speaker, and I appreciate an intelligent audience.
Dorothy Parker

The Anxious Raider

The distance from expansion drop to the first raid is very short; a mere three weeks.

Guessing that this guild is like many of the millions of others, there are plenty of new and excited players who do want to play. This makes the first week of raiding crucial to success. In this case, due to the short span: gear matters.

Hoping to get the players to come back after that first raid is a goal. A bit of a sad one, anticipating either failure or the briefest of successes. Having announced the commitment to a three hour slot imagines some shots and beers at the end, it could be brutal.

So many new people have shown up! The excitement is wonderful. The raid leader is taking players through mythic 0, trying to force the ilevel up of the collective group.

Do you think that it will all pivot on our attitude? How the leaders will brace and face the challenge with, um, grace? It will all come down to how we face failure to encourage new people to return to try us out again.

There are a lot of systems in the game; rep, zones, missions, expeditions, professions and more. While the imagination can see exalted after some grind, knowing that future patches will drop new factions on us; there is hope for fewer and fewer.

Lingering is one question: will Blizzard fix professions? There are pivot points in a game like WoW, the guess is that the designers must re-tune professions. They must.

4 thoughts on “The Anxious Raider

  1. I was briefly excited to maybe feel up to jumping in. But knowing I won’t see a pass over in design for who knows how long, and how it feels to play at the moment? It would be painful. Seeing comments last night that they hope to start on Heroic first? I’m out.

    Do you know I finally got blue drops in all slots and got my level to 306? Good enough to do a random heroic. The downside? Fully buffed and enchanted my haste was 8% last night. I may have shed a tear. And my survivability? It’s all gone. My wife has been tossing heals on me in her DPS spec to keep me from taking a dirt nap yet again. Really struggling. And everyone else is maxed on their Mythics for the week and have done all the Island things.

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  2. I have seen a fair few guilds talking about skipping right to HC. I personally can understand a litte if the desire is to just enjoy the content and story.

    At one time I was the rush to gear and raid person, needing to be there at the front to clear the newest content but I struggle to see the point in it. I don’t even really understand why I did it. Racing to the end to be bored grinding my face off to race to the end…

    It became a very tiresome treadmill. Getting to the end and feeling there was nothing to do but grind. Having burnt through all the content gorging myself without savouring every moment. I’m glad to have stepped off.


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