Aggressive Progression

“My problem with chess was that all my pieces wanted to end the game as soon as possible.”
Dave Barry

Aggressive Progression

I was reading BfA Crafting Thoughts over at the fine blog Moonshine Mansions and began to try an assessment of my progression through the game.

First of all, I am very worried about professions. Mostly because many players are not up on the shifting tides and will expect to be using flasks and potions while raiding. Remember; the count is 8000 herbs for a 20 man, three hour raid.

Second of all, I think that they need to do fixes to professions pronto. The 300 crafted leather gear should be usable at 111, we need a vendor to trade all that scrapped stuff for things that we want; like herbs. Right now, it all fells so very precious.

Candidly, Reddit kind of creeps me out. But I found myself looking at reddit/r/woweconomy today.

I can’t imagine milling herbs.

Okay, I need revered with the 7th Legion to continue the war campaign and to get my fifth follower; which will let me continue the mission board research.

My contract is for the Champions of Azeroth. Plus 10 points of rep no matter the WQ and someone in our guild loaded us up on them!

I intend on filling the bar for expeditions this week. This should also help my 7th Legion rep.

I finished Drustvar and am one chapter away from Tiregarde Sound. I’ve done some questing in Stormsong Valley and I like it. Still, it was “more fun” to get leveling xp than 23 gold for a quest.

I completed the Battle on Zandalar and Kul Tiras achievement for pet battles and earned the Laser Pointer. It is an okay toy; again, I don’t see toys in this expansion that give me sparkles and bubbles and rainbows.

I have yet to tame a single pet!

Most of my time is spent looking at WQs for gear-ups and resources and rep.

Raiding begins in one week. Then the pressure to advance will ease a lot!

Some things never seem to change. My trinket is the last thing to upgrade, everything else has many chances.


5 thoughts on “Aggressive Progression

  1. Brilliant quote 🙂

    I am so close to getting rid of my professions to get gathering ones. Herbalism and Mining must be making people a fortune atm? But gosh, the amount needed for a raid…

    Congratulations on the laser 🙂 How long does it last?

    Mission board research – when can I do that?

    How do you prepare for the raid? Read all tactics beforehand, new macros, anything specific? 🙂 It’s in ONE week? Hah, I won’t be ready. When is the LFG version coming out?

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  2. LFR is a week after. And I’ll be writing on my preparation and probably my first boss experiences.
    You’ll get a bread crumb to your mission board stuff.
    The pointer is very simple and nice!


  3. I am trying to balance leveling my professions and making bank selling raw mats right now. I’m lucky(?) enough to not be worried about raiding just yet so I can afford to go slower if I want to. The mats for food and flasks/pots seem to be getting out of control!

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