Still Raiding

“Don’t fight a battle if you don’t gain anything by winning.”
Erwin Rommel

Still Raiding

The new raid looks good. I like the atmosphere and the idea of the abandoned Titan facility. It is the “uld” prefix, right? Changes have been made since Fatboss posted its guide and that is all good and fine. We downed the first two bosses on Normal. That felt about right to me.

I’d forgotten how rambunctious and rowdy this raid team can be. Definitely a family and friends group, we spent at least half-an-hour talking and saying hello and how-are-you. Personally, I see little need for buff foods or flasks; the fights are mechanic driven (fun stuff) and not too much about power.

The new Warfront proves to be a blessing in war resources. These were much needed. Being able to fly was a release and a relief. I got two mounts and one pet and one toy. The rares reset must be either weekly or dependent on the flip between horde and alliance. Rare hunting (star hunting on the mini-map) is pretty fun with lots of players doing it.

Everyone in my guild thinks that Alts can not go over to the Warfront because they could not. Now that it is fixed, I wish I could spread the word better.

I know Ion promised us that as we got higher ilevels that mobs would feel easier but I don’t see it at all. Questing still seems like tedium killing and waiting to finish off a mob. My last zone is Stormsong and I’m enjoying the story and scenery but very glad that raiding and warfronts have shown up for some variety.

At 9am this morning, players in my guild were forming a mythic plus run of Freehold. It is way too early! I prefer the idea of dungeons and raids to be at night time. Day light calls to me to get out of this apartment!

9 thoughts on “Still Raiding

    • It will be fun! Our guild who raids will be doing the LFR runs as well because we like them!
      And, really, the LFR has so much to offer with war- and titan-forging and, for me, the best healing ever because you never know what someone might do!

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  1. There’s one more important thing: dungeon atlas show boss ability changes only in MYTHIC mode. It means that raid mechanics are the same throughout LFR -> Heroic. I hope that LFR will be less stigmatized from now on.

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  2. Ouch, I agree, Mythics in the Morning? It sounds like a song!

    Discouraging, that we still feel weak even at your item level. I am scared to level to 120, because, now, at 118, I am so ridiculously squishy! And then along comes a level 112 player and whacks it all, hah.

    A blessing in War ressources sure sound nice. What’s your take on the raid as a Resto Druid? 🙂

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    • It is hard to say, we’ve only downed three bosses on Normal. I am the lowest healer by the numbers but not by much and I’m calling out when there are DPS phases in the fights because there are times when we just hang out (esp. the second boss).
      I’m a little frustrated with the Autumn Leaves trait which should be stacked, and I have on all three pieces, and then use rejuvenation alone with no other HoT which is totally counter to our Mastery which rewards stacking HoTs. So, it’s super early and I have things to sort out and I also know that it will change as we get more and more secondaries to support our class and our spells.
      Druids are still totally fun to play and we really (really) like our mobility in dungeons and raids! Ha!

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      • Right, that makes sense for a Resto Druid. You get better with each try 🙂 Well, everyone does, but Resto Druids shine.

        Aha, ok, yeah. I’m not quite there yet with the traits from those items, but I hear you on that one; that seems a tad silly and backwards.

        I bet! I hear theres tons of movement 🙂

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