The Profession Alt

“We have two kids, my wife and myself.”
Thelonious Monk

The Profession Alt

Ding 120!

Following up behind my Main is my Profession Alt, perhaps the first of several.

Intention is important when playing games, my ideal is revered with the factions so that I can buy the rank threes and mostly park. It would be very easy to create dreams of an Alt raider, I won’t do it!

My Main is an Herbalist who will feed materials to my Alt Alchemist. This will save me and some of my mates any stress from wanting potions and flasks. There is no need for Expulsom for any thing Alchemical except the trinkets and ho-hum on them.

  • I quested Stormsong through to the end and reached honored at 117. Intellect flasks rank three are from these guys and my main is a caster.
  • I did the DMF wheee and did a bunch of pet tamer battles to scoot along.
  • One dungeon near the end of 119 to push me over the top.
  • Warfronts lined up perfectly and I am over-loaded with war resources for rep missions (I got some main-enviable gear too).
  • WQs and the Fight Whistle have already been earned but it was confusing. It is a quest from on the mission boat to go to the horde islands. When I reached that place, all was turned on and ready to go.
  • Rep needed is for Stormsong, Tiragarde Sound, Drustvar and Seventh Legion. Emissaries for the win with focus on single-kill WQs in zones. Once Stormsong revered happens (soon) this character will ignore that zone.
  • Still early in the expansion, the pet tokens are wanted. This Alt can do those pet battles for tokens doubling my intake with my main.

Herbing is brutal right now and very competitive. Everything revolves around Anchorweed and I do not like this game mechanic at all, it throttles the process deliberately.

6 thoughts on “The Profession Alt

  1. Congratulations! Can you do Warfronts while levelling or at 120 fresh, or do you need to do something in order to unlock it? How long do they stay for? Weekly or, just changes to who attacks what?

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    • Ding 120 and you are in.
      They will always be up but the question is on who is in control. Right now, in the US realms, Alliance can go over and do the quests and kill the rares. The Horde can go over and kill rares but they are in the “contribution” phase — once they (US realm wide) fill the bar; something happens, I don’t know.
      But then it will flip and Alliance will contribute to the cause (dailies with mats, crafted stuff, gold etc.); back and forth.
      The question is that we have is when do the rares reset so we can try them again for mounts, toys, pets and gear? Is it weekly or on the flip?

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      • Aha, aha, alright, thank you for clarifying that. Right, so I won’t like, miss out on the chance to kill a rare or two, get a piece of loot, because I won’t ding 120 before next week or so. I was hoping to hop into them, and keep myself away from doing World Quests over and over and over.

        Good questions you raise, all valid and nessesary to get answers for.

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      • PS. I know I don’t “need” loot, since I am not raiding, but gosh, being so weak when out and about in the world is discouraging!

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