BfA: Let’s Bee Friends

“Life is the flower for which love is the honey.”
Victor Hugo

Let’s Bee Friends

This little achievement gives us a battle pet. It is a bit wonky to start but then it only needs you to return and do a daily for seven times. It is a nice fun side daily.


One begins at the Mildenhall Meadery flight point in Stormsong. Up the hill you will kill the honey blobs until you find a forgotten amulet. This item needs to be returned to Rosaline Mildenhall in Boralus.

The wonky part is that poor Rosaline can be targeted in buildings that have no access! I suggest Scribes & Nobles (stairs to shop entrance 51.5 48.0) gleaned from the comments.

Once you have found her and returned her amulet, you will be sent back and then do a couple of quick quests and then begin your dailies. Once again, you will kill the honey blobs to collect 8 vials to make a potion to heal Bumbles the bee.

After seven days, you will get an item in the mail called Large Honeycomb Cluster.


This will give you your new battle pet Bumbles.


You can see here that he is Uncommon so you’d upgrade him to Rare if you want to use him for pet battles.


If you are looking for that distinctive yellow stripe on a bumble bee, I see that there is a pet called Seabreeze Bumblebee to be found. I assume nearby.


I followed the guide on DisturbedDH’s channel: Let’s Bee Friends. It is simple enough that you only need to see it once, the wonky part is finding Rosaline.



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