Healing Done: Zek’voz

“The printing press is the greatest weapon in the armoury of the modern commander.”
T. E. Lawrence

Healing Done: Zek’voz

We downed this boss on Normal last night.


Phase One is a stacking-on-the-boss-butt fight. We would spread for the Eye Beam so that only one person got the beam and then would collapse again. Spring Blossoms was very good for the stacking. I tried to get one Tranquility off as a free spell knowing that I’d need it later. I did the same with Innervate, trying to save mana for the end. We had 16 raiders and got three eye beams every time.

Phase Two is a lot of things! The team would trap the two of the three big adds and kill the third and then rotate to each of the next who were once trapped. Spring Blossoms again, the tank would drag the boss to the add; we went clock-wise.

Phase Three is when we used heroism. Again there is a lot of things. All of the healers were out of mana, I was glad to have an Innervate and Tranquility ready. I can always cast Rejuvenation, even when dry on mana.

Throughout the fight is Surging Darkness which are bands on the ground that you avoid. If the first one is under the boss, you can stack under the boss after it has gone off and safely ignore the other two explosions.

I was talented into Incarnation: Tree of Life and should have married it up with Innervate but I did not. I was saving it for a big cooldown but never had the mana when I wanted it and I simply failed, I’ll get better.

Ursol’s Vortex was used on the little packs of adds, they cast a bleed and I don’t think that they can be tanked (during Phase One). Players used Binding Shot and that Tar Trap to slow their travel.

Here are the numbers from the kill. The numbers on the wipes are meaningless. And, I think, these numbers are meaningless to compare to other healers (disc priest and two holy priests); especially with our gear all over the place and just starting. This is not end game, this is beginning game.



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