Getting Hasty

“Most men pursue pleasure with such breathless haste that they hurry past it.”
Soren Kierkegaard

Getting Hasty

Back when we learned that the Global Cooldown would be a part of our game play, we guessed that Haste would be important to lower that cooldown. But, just how important?

I went to Icy Veins and looked at each class and then to their list of recommended gems and enchants.

  1. Blood Death Knight – Haste
  2. Frost Death Knight – Mastery
  3. Unholy Death Knight – Haste
  4. Havoc Demon Hunter – Haste
  5. Vengeance Demon Hunter – Haste
  6. Balance Druid – Haste
  7. Feral Druid – Haste
  8. Guardian Druid – Haste or Versatility or Mastery
  9. Restoration Druid – Haste
  10. Beast Mastery Hunter – Haste
  11. Marksman Hunter – Haste
  12. Survival Hunter – Haste
  13. Arcane Mage – Crit
  14. Fire Mage – Mastery
  15. Frost Mage – Crit
  16. Brewmaster Monk – Crit or Versatility
  17. Mistweaver Monk – Crit or Haste
  18. Windwalker Monk – Versatility
  19. Holy Paladin – Crit
  20. Prot Paladin – Haste or Mastery or Versatility
  21. Retribution Paladin – Haste
  22. Discipline Priest – Haste
  23. Holy Priest – Mastery or Crit
  24. Shadow Priest – Crit or Haste
  25. Assissination Rogue – Haste
  26. Outlaw Rogue – Haste
  27. Subtlety Rogue – Crit
  28. Elemental Shaman – Haste
  29. Enhancement Shaman – Haste
  30. Resto Shaman – Crit
  31. Affliction Warlock – Crit
  32. Demonology Warlock – Haste
  33. Destruction Warlock – Haste
  34. Arms Warrior – Haste
  35. Fury Warrior – Haste
  36. Protection Warrior – Haste

I don’t know if this is very different from the needs of the class-from-the-past. Resto Druids have always liked Haste to get more ticks off a heal-over-time spell.

With twenty-one of the classes wanting Haste, I would guess those are the gems and enchants to make and sell!

7 thoughts on “Getting Hasty

  1. Affliction lock is now crit?? Last looked at some recommendations it was haste.. And it used to be mastery iirc. Oh well, it’ll prolly change in next patch 😉 I hope it will not be versatility…

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  2. My general rule is:

    1. If your toon is a cannon/mortar type (slow, powerful casts or blows), go for Crit. Amusing, but my frost mage now qualifies.
    2. If your toon relies on quick fighting style or casting, like Balance, Fury, Enhancement, all Rogues – go for Haste to avoid gaps with literally nothing to do.

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