Ion on Reddit

“Systems are to be appreciated by their general effects, and not by particular exceptions.”
James Fenimore Cooper

Ion on Reddit

First of all, when did we stop using our cool names? Ghostcrawler was a great name with several implied meanings, was he sneaking around and looking over the game data or something? Well, Watcher and WatcherDev is now simply Ion.

I don’t know the why, I’ve never seen Blizzard respond so thoroughly to the player’s concerns. It doesn’t feel like the game is a mess and the peasants are at the gates with torches.

They did something called an “AMA”. Reddit Battle for Azeroth AMA with Ion Hazzikostas is the coverage from Wowhead. It is an amazing read-through to see the responses.

The coverage from MMO Champs is Reddit AMA with Ion Hazzikostas. This reporting is interesting because they included the questions and we all have some of these questions like why was the Beta feedback ignored and why is a class ignored and in the basement.

I’ve read it and will go over it again, we’d hate to lose this as new posts will soon bury it in the past. If I were to conclude anything it would be that it “feels” like the designers are over-whelmed with this new expansion release. By golly, it IS a big game!

Finally, this has nothing to do with anything. I’m in the habit now of taking the leap to the rope ladder in Boralus up to the mission table instead of zig-zagging up the ramp. It’s fun to jump!


6 thoughts on “Ion on Reddit

  1. I think the tools for bug reporting and feedback this time around were the best I’ve seen. Bug report/feedback button square in the middle of the screen. For every quest and elite fight, a bug report box pop up with room for comments. I always report bugs I come across in testing, and provide as much feedback as I can. I think there are quite a few dedicated testers. The AMAs almost made it sound like there was more feedback than they could process. Additionally, the beta forums are always open for anyone to read, so if there are many reports there, the problems are large and should be noted. It seems they were not in many cases. Something happened on the forums this time around that I think drives the why didn’t you listen to feedback questions in the AMA…people wrote that the beta testers had done a terrible job testing and providing feedback. Simply not the case.

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  2. Ion handled that so well I think. But granted, it seems playing the game for as little as I do means you enjoy it far more, because you arrive so late at the party, that it’s really on and working by the time you get there! 😀

    Ladder? What, ladder?! Wild Charge all the way!

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