Battle for Azerite

“Oh, don’t let’s ask for the moon. We’ve already got the stars.”
Bette Davis

Battle for Azerite

Few in my raid team knew about Reorigination Array. When you get a piece of Azerite Gear from Uldir, there are two traits to look for: Archive of the Titans and Lazer Matrix. Choose one. This will amp up your highest secondary stat while in Uldir. Every week that you kill three bosses in Uldir, it goes up by 75. So, on Tuesday, it should be up around 150 or 225. Sneaky Blizzard told no one.

Your progress is tracked even if you don’t have the gear piece yet. It works in the LFR up to Mythic and the stats are the same. So, we’ll get stronger passively but you want those traits. It is confusing, I know.

After Ion’s AMA run on Reddit, he is going on a Dev Q&A tomorrow. They are usually on Thursday but the next patch will be on the PTR soon and he needs to smooth the edges, I think.

It looks like an apology tour, he’s admitted that azerite traits and gear levels are a problem. He’s admitted that professions are frustrating. And he totally side-stepped the need for an Alt: the pressure is growing for account-wide rep but I doubt they will buckle.

I see the professions frustrations but the rest all seem to be working fine for me. I’m happy with the raid (we are 5/8 on normal), the zones and quests are all fantastic. I’m a happy player; if the traits suck, well that is the way that they are.

This player is having fun with the Suggestion Box.

I suggested Rank Four for Anchor Weed with a chance for an extra proc when picking other flowers. Same with the feasts. But I’ll write, “I need you to be an advocate for this” or “you can save the game!” or some other silly stuff to amuse the readers.

It is astonishing to me that the profession designers don’t want us grinding endlessly but we have quest turn-ins of recipes and mats, throwing away our grind for some rep. Something is wonky here.

Reset Day tomorrow! I love Reset Day.

Happy Hunting!



6 thoughts on “Battle for Azerite

  1. I won’t repeat what I said when I found out to get the top Tailoring pattern for legs etc, that require 250 sang, that I need to make the 370 versions first in order to discover the recipe. So on top of that there is another 50. So 300 to make pants, 300 to make gloves. And I believe 100 of each Expulsum. Needless to say, I have no plans on working on my professions. My tailor, makes Draenor bags. That’s about it.

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    • I should clarify. First I need to make a 355 set of pants requiring Hydocores etc, from making them I learn to make the 370 pair, when I make a pair of those I learn the coveted 385 version. This is not good design. They are so fond of having better rewards proc when you make them. It wouldn’t make not getting the top first any more palatable, but at least there would be a glimmer of hope. The incoming change to make Hydrocores possibly drop on the last Heroic dungeon boss sounded to me like “hey look, we are tossing you a bone. That’s a good boy, now run along and do those dungeons”.

      Yeah, I am not at all happy about things, and I am holding back from saying what I would really like to say.

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  2. …SO much stuff seems to be just in game without any info on it at all! I am beginning to dislike that a lot. All the minimizing I have to do in order to play the game.

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  3. Even what you posted the other day about the Azerite gear from the raid getting a buff every time you kill 3 bosses. I saw they hit those two talent choices with the nerf bat. But still. We shouldn’t need to have to tab out to WoWhead or some secret Discord to figure out what’s going on. Or maybe the philosophy has become, if you really want it you will have to go research it.

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