If I Were Ion

“May Cenarius smile upon you.”
Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem

If I Were Ion

Wanting to say “how to fix Bfa” seemed pretentious and this one is certainly not King of the World. Still, while many think that this is the end of WoW and we hear that every expansion; this game remains very good and entertaining.

The biggest tuning that needs to be made is on trash mobs. Whether they are spiders before the boss or twelve wolves in the wild, they take too long to kill. We do not want “one shot, one kill”, simply dial it down.

Raid trash has too many mechanics; every time, all the time. It is tedious and forces us to do it when, between boss kills; we want to wind down, check or trade loot, look at meters and reflect on our kill. The trash mobs do need to be there for flavor but it is way (way) over-done.

World trash mobs need to be dialed down by 20%. Not a lot. I agree with Ion and it was a good change to make it a fight but the game can get tedious. There have to be other ways to slow us down.

Island Expeditions are the same. We are supposed to feel over-powered, after all, we are heroes. The math should be “drag ten littles to one big and you’ll die”. Kill the ten littles then kill the big and you’ll be okay. This should be a much faster play-style or it gets (one repeats) tedious.

Big Ones should always be tough like they are now. Whether it is a World Quest boss or Raid boss or kill ten plus one big.

Biased, I know, but Mark of the Wild should come back. Taking it away feels wrong, selective, gives out a bad suspicion of intention. Druids have had this as long as I’ve been playing; Burning Crusade.

Raid Buffs should not feel bad. Even the appearance of favoritism is ugly. Dismissing it as utility, “But druids have battle rez” does not change the feeling.

Our feasts, flasks, potions and runes should all feel meaningful. The designers want us to not need these things but the players will do anything to have any little boost. This is partially because of RNG and without a wanted loot drop, we always feel behind. As a player, you see others get loot when you don’t; even if you know it is all the same in the end, you feel behind.

Patch 8.1 will bring some changes:
Tooltips and spells for Coastal Healing Potion and Coastal Mana Potion recipes have been updated to reflect that they require fewer Siren’s Pollen and Riverbud respectively, and all Alchemy flasks now require fewer Anchor Weed for each rank. Rank 1 is decreased from 10 to 6, Rank 2 and 3 is decreased from 5 to 3, cutting mats required in half. Don’t forget your Rank 3s will be generating extra flasks when it procs, with an approximate rate of ~1.4.

The feasts and flasks should be stronger and make us feel empowered.

The man who designed the materials for Mythical Cauldron should be shot first and then fired from the job.

Azerite gear is a big issue. They are fast-tuning the gear but it remains confusing on which is the best to take. Stacking traits is pretty cool but it could be simplified to offense vs defense for clarity. A heavy defensive build might be great or a heavy offensive build might be great or a balanced build; our choices right now need simulators or we blow it off as unnecessary.

That the best azerite pieces come from raids creates some resentment from the M+ guys. Rightfully so. Having two sets of gear (raiding vs dungeon) sucks too, my best dungeon pieces fall behind quickly and get scrapped.

The economy.

As we play, we can see that doing simply that does not make a profit. The rewards from play via mission boards and WQs are very small. Our over-all economy will shift down and down again. The gold sinks for exalted mounts will be true choices.

In a video game with a long life-span, discovery is great but evolution sucks. Figuring out what the intention is behind scrapping, a new thing, is bewildering. If they are tinkering with our game play to encourage us to buy tokes with real money, I cry foul!

We’ve typed enough.

I’m enjoying the game but the above are my major points. And I’m still happily playing the game, seriously, these are not big changes.

6 thoughts on “If I Were Ion

  1. I have to agree with all points. I would not mind all of the world mobs if they all didn’t scale up to some theoretical value based on gear up to 340. The logic that everything should be challenging and dangerous until you start getting above 340 is too punishing. I don’t enjoy having to ride and fight my way for 10-15 minutes to get to a quest that takes 3 to kill 1 guy. Nor do I like that half the kill 1 are against creatures with 200-300,000 health, that doubles and triples the more people that fight it, or the other half that have a target with 1.7 million, that awards 34 AP. The rewards are so far out of proportion with the effort. It’s like there were too many hands involved in minor aspects and they all got tossed in the pot.

    My biggest gripe, aside from how meaningless professions are, or the fact that contributing to the Warfronts really don’t alter their availability, is Versatility on gear for classes that don’t want or need it. They claim balancing classes is. Wet difficult. Well of course it is when the top 10% have farmed optimal best in slot gear, and the other 90% are stuck with junk. I almost didn’t buy any reputation gear because it all has versatility. When your haste is 485 points total and only 7%, do they understand how frustrating it is to see a significant iLvL upgrade, but equipping it you lose 112 points or over 20%?? They should just internally establish, these are the 3 secondary stats that each class/spec will have on their gear. Do away with the “here’s a good upgrade, but your a filthy casual, so you can have it, but it really sucks, enjoy your welfare epic”. Getting exalted with a faction should have something useful and decent, not junk I can find better doing a world quest.

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  2. With mob health… my thoughts are that health is legit today. The world quests have to be valid throughout the expansion. Many people are farming rep now through world questing. I literally spent 15 minutes in one world quest, all due to the lack of mobs, and there were just two guys beside myself. So when I have a chance to at least tag a mob, it’s vital nowadays.

    It’s extremely comforting when I see a rare quest goal being fought from afar with half of its health, and be sure that I will reach it. Increasing respawn rate is not a solution, people will whine immediately how they can’t even flight whistle out of the quest zone before the respawns attack.

    Further, with later raid tiers, you will curbstomp the same mobs as intended – because you will more often happen to be alone during these world quests. I think it plays out eventually.

    My biggest azerite armor issue is that I cannot change specs now! I tried to quest in Shadow from Holy, and I couldn’t pick Shadow talents without reforging. So yes, Legion was a spec-friendly expansion, while BfA is not. I guess I need to save azerite pieces for an off-spec if I plan to play one?

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