Changes in the Wind

“I attempted to fish in Scotland and I managed to hook a dog. It was a horrible moment but the dog turned out to be fine.”
Emily Blunt

Changes in the Wind

I’ve always liked it when directors in movies use the idea of “the winds of change”. We see it upfront in the Mary Poppins movie. It is the flipping point of the twin’s friendship in The Parent Trap. It is also in the El Nino scene of The Holiday. Every now and then, when I see it; it feels good to know that directors are still using old ideas to communicate.

Here in WoW, it isn’t so windy. This confession is that I’m losing track of what is hot fixed and what is data-mined for the next patch! I know that Resto-Druids will get a 4% buff to their spells; but when? I’m lost.

The news for today is good news. They are hot-fixing the amount you receive when you pick Anchor Weed at rank two and three. Will it be enough? The costs on the AH are super high because the weed is so rare. Our passive income is lower and there has to be a balancing of some kind. Let’s hope that Anchor Weed is very abundant.

New expansions are always fun. And part of the fun, for me, is seeing the balancing when live. Hot fixes roll in on classes and quests all of the time. I do worry that a hot fixed quest may be something that I’ve passed and now have missed how it goes.

The crux, pivot and challenge is: will the players be satisfied? We are customers. Will the meal be a good one or a great one? Will the house be comfy or will it creak in the wind? Will our fare be served up with class or will there be a thumb-print in mashed potatoes.

3 thoughts on “Changes in the Wind

  1. For me I feel like I’m at a gourmet French restaurant where I don’t know how to read the menu and they just brought out my soup with a fly prominently displayed.

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  2. I know they are flat buffing my played specs, and this is good 🙂 Destro warlock feels so underpowered now. I wonder if they already buffed my warrior, because she’s exactly Fury, and she downed the big Nesingwary dinos today with little sweat solo.

    Speaking of customers – I’ve been to another restaurants, and Blizzard, while having a random roach in the soup, always serves restaurant food 🙂 While the others are more like fast-food chains.

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  3. Oh, now I had to listen to that song again.

    I lost track too. I take it as it comes. Nothing is set in stone at this point either. Well, is it, ever, when it comes to WoW.

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