The Missing Dragons

“Before you is the Cache of the Aspects: Take from it what you will, for you have more than earned the right.”
Alexstrasza the Life Binder

The Missing Dragons

Help me out here, one is prone to missing the obvious.

The dragons all seem to be gone. They are not part of the WoW story any more. I miss them. One of the major elements of what makes a fantasy tale seems to be part of our past.

At the end of Cataclysm we learned that now it would be the Age of Man. Uh oh. Don’t put us in charge, that is a mistake. Man can’t see farther than his nose and certainly can’t play the long game where major pieces come together after centuries of planning.

The Aspects gave us characters that were wise and had knowledge. One was happy to go do a quest at their bidding. Trusting the Life Binder was not a problem and serving a larger goal and uncovering the mystery was fun.

Still having fantasy elements like mages and warlocks, it feels that “our side” is kind of small and lost. Everywhere we go, we leave a mess. Siphoning the blood of the last Titan, Azeroth, for power in the immediate feels like we are being very dangerous with our long term needs.

Faction squabbling feels petty, doesn’t it?

Let’s hope that some dragons come back and we can be pawns for a bigger quest than territory battles. Shut-down Titan facilities from the past, opened and explored is kind of fun but it has to lead to some threat in our future.

That is, unless, I’m missing the obvious. No doubt I am.


5 thoughts on “The Missing Dragons

  1. Classic fantasy dragons have always been a ‘final boss’ for a hero – that is, a pure evil. Assigning them to the good side raises multiple questions as in ‘Why didn’t they fucking melt the Lich King along with his icy throne and his Icecrown Citadel’? They’re clumsy, ugly and not convenient to talk to – to the point that they actually need to be elves/humans/gnomes to deal with. They’re deus ex at its prime, and Blizzard had to walk a thin rope to solve all these problems.

    On the contrary, I vote for Ashvane-like, ‘mundane’ storylines. It is much harder to script a believable evil if you don’t have a monstrous snout to do 90% of job for you. But that makes the evil a lot more interesting in case of success. It’s a more mature approach, if you like.

    As for good godlike beings, we really need to mature on our own. Even Khadgar which led us throughout both latest expansions stepped aside.

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  2. Wraithion is still somewhere about. I thought I had seen a comment that he would be back some time I. The future, maybe. Or perhaps that was a hint. We won’t go back in time like Draenor, but to a future Azeroth where we have to go fix mistakes in the past.

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  3. I just bought the series of the Aspects to read since there doesn’t seem to be a glimmer of them in the game at the moment. I like the dragons and the added mystery and story they lend to our fantasy world, hope they make a comeback.

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