Healing Normal Zul

“If only we’d stop trying to be happy we’d have a pretty good time.”
Edith Warton

Healing Normal Zul

After clearing an astonishing  number of trash mobs, your raid team can finally take on Zul.

It is a two phase fight with the second triggered at 40 percent. That said, the second phase is with Heroism and much quicker and more chaotic.

For healers, phase one is stand in the middle and stack. The tanks and the dps will be running out of the middle to deal with the Hex guys and to drop off tank-stacked burdens outside of the group.

For Resto-Druid this means Spring Blossoms and making sure to have rejuvenation on the melee dps, wild growth off of cooldown and simply run a constant rotation. Feel free to use tranquility early. I use Innervate and Big Tree mid-phase one and hope to have it at the perilous ending phase. The main tank will be the one dropping his stacks and will want bark and cenarion’s ward.

Phase two can feel like a nightmare. Now you don’t stack as to avoid too many getting feared. Several players will get mind-controlled and will woodenly walk to the edge of the platform and suicide — unless you save them with a dispel! This wants to be done at the last moment as they do AoE damage. Now the circle seems huge as players can get out of range.

Our experiences have been to barely make the kill. After the meticulous phase one and the need to learn the tasks (four or five different kinds of adds), phase two is a shock. Having your tranquility ready is a must; put rejuves out and wild growth before using tranquility to get stacked HoTs. I used Flourish off of cooldown with as many HoTs as I could.

Something must be said for the Minions of Zul. Holy Priests can use mass dispel and take care of them, however we must accept that they have extra tasks. These can be halted with entangling roots by Druids but they still have to be dealt with. I believe mages can spell steal from them too.

It is a fun fight and will get cheers when completed. It is also a “learned” fight and I’m afraid that there are too many of these in this raid. Small specific things need to be done that are unique, teaching 18 players their role means early wipes until people “get it”.

As we gear up, these fights will go much quicker and I can only hope that, once learned, that our heroic experience is much smoother.



2 thoughts on “Healing Normal Zul

  1. Ooh, look at that progress 🙂 Thank you for the overview, I really appreciate it. Even though LFR is probably a lot different, it’s nice not to go in completely blind.

    How do you feel about Resto Druids and the state we are in right now?

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