Raidtron 1000

“Don’t find fault, find a remedy.”
Henry Ford

Raidtron 1000

Continuing with the Suggestion Box; lets suggest the Raidtron 1000.

  • Ten minute cool down.
  • Repairs.
  • Bonus Roll vendor.
  • Portal a la Warlocks

We’ve heard the designers say that one problem can be making something so great that it spans expansions. Jeeves was their example. I think that it only proves that there is a true need for repair bots scattered through out raids and dungeons.

One is encouraged at the repair guy at the beginning of this current raid.

It is a fun idea and would give something for engineers; though our best guess is that the expansion is “locked” on new things.

The Suggestion Box is a tool, lets use it!

The small-step work improvement approach was developed in the USA under Training Within Industry program (TWI Job Methods). Instead of encouraging large, radical changes to achieve desired goals, these methods recommended that organizations introduce small improvements, preferably ones that could be implemented on the same day. The major reason was that during WWII there was neither time nor resources for large and innovative changes in the production of war equipment. The essence of the approach came down to improving the use of the existing workforce and technologies.


4 thoughts on “Raidtron 1000

  1. Love the idea, except for the summon part. An item like that would be way “overpowered”. I wouldnt say no to a “Personal Teleport Machine” type thing created and activated by engineers, which would do the summon bit to a maximum of one or two players.

    I would however call your Summon part, and raise a Personal Bank access 😀

    I loved Reeves in Legion, with all its modules (feast mode, etc). I remember on the last Mage Tower days going to the tower entrance and setting my bot and repair mount to help out players after failed attempts. (Going a bit off topic here, but it was lovely seeing player encouragement on that last week. People making and offering pots, runes etc, and cheering on and giving tips to those still trying to beat them)

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