Playing Goals

“A problem is a chance for you to do your best.”
Duke Ellington

Playing Goals

Loving all the bloggers for WoW and seeing all the different ways that players enjoy the game; I find that my playstyle is as different as everyone else’s. This surely reflects the breadth and width of this very big game.

Gold Sink.
I bought the Travelling Tundra Mammoth early in WotLK and the Reforging Yak on the very first day of Pandaria. I skipped the expensive spider because it had status but no function. I have the AH Bronto and so that expansion goal is met.

My Alchemist/Inscriptionist alt still needs revered with the Court of Embers in Drustvar. This is a bit slow going.
My Miner/Herbalist is a low 112. It turns out that many of the higher ranking skills are earned over on the Horde zones which do not scale down to me. They remain 120. So, I need to level this guy up.
Herbalism/Engineering is my Main. Part of leveling is to make these bombs that create sheep that turn the mobs into cows, polymorph. Having only used this once, on the trash in Uldir — I want many more of these bombs.

Still 6/8 on Normal. That seventh boss is a visual nightmare! We’ll get it. One’s pride hopes that we’d down the full raid before the LFR opened the final wing, but I don’t think so!

Siege of Boralus
This is the last dungeon to unlock for me. I now have the quest and can finish the final chapters on Jaina’s story. I’m stoked.

Pets and Mounts
Candidly, I’m a bit weary of mounts. I’ve collected so many but never ride but a few. Pets I will still invest my time in. Patch 8.1 should open a pet dungeon, that will be fun.

Well. I’ve gotten the sure bets. The randomness of drops in warfronts and islands is simply what it is.

See? Pretty different than most people but we all play our own way. I like it.

7 thoughts on “Playing Goals

  1. Siege is one of the very best dungeons I went to 🙂 We completed it 315-ish (and I were 299 I believe), so I guess it may not be a big problem nowadays.

    Mount collection works for me 🙂 I change them from time to time (skipping dragons only), and I really need to pick ones fro my goblin shaman and gnome rogue. Currently an engineering rocket (pretty silly on the ground) and a void elf race mount with wings sewn out of pure night – not quite perfect.

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  2. Do you find that setting goals helps keep you motivated when a certain aspect is holding you back/keeping you down?

    I havent though about set goals per se. Beyond doing the whole story and raids on alliance and horde, I think the only other thing I REALLY want is the Quilen mount from islands.
    The MoP deluxe items arent sold which means my only chance of getting a quilen mount, perfect for pandaren, is tied to island treasure hunting. Just this past week I killed every single Mogu and Quilen I found, including the one beyond the portal. I swear I will continue my Mogu genocide until I get it xD

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  3. I have no goals right now. I really should have. It helps drive me. Normally I am very eager to write a long list of things I want to do. Do you try to “target” those random drop toys? I seem to have read there is some sense in the whole Island drop thing.

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    • There is a logic behind it. Im currently finishing up a guide compiling what I read and what I’ve experienced.

      (FYI: today on EU there is a WQ on Zandalar that awards a toy)

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