Raiders Like Venom

“The only “ism” Hollywood believes in is plagiarism.”
Dorothy Parker

Raiders Like Venom

During our raid last night, I said, “I know Venom is opening this weekend but I’ll be seeing A Star is Born”.


“Oh Venom? I want to see that flick.”

“Is this the first version of Venom?”

“Venom, cool.”


And so on. The conversation went on (and on) about Venom. I’m glad they are going to see Venom, I’ll be happily with my sister watching A Star is Born.

A Star is Born has three built-in sets of fans. Those of Bradley Cooper who was terrific in American Hustle and Silver Linings Playbook. Those of Lady Gaga who is a super-star in music. And those of A Star is Born as this will be the third remake of the story.

I might see Venom someday, I like Tom Hardy. But tomorrow is reserved for A Star is Born!


3 thoughts on “Raiders Like Venom

  1. That Dorothy parker quote. Great! 🙂 Seems to have been true even back in her day. Maybe my memory serves me wrong, but was there not more originality and less sequels/prequels in the old days?

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