Normal Mythrax

“Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.”
Vince Lombardi

Normal Mythrax

This is a two-phase fight that ping-pongs from one to two to one to two to one and done. So, three looks at phase one and two looks at phase two.

It is a tough fight to learn because you think you need more than you do; in other words you gain stacks that make you weak but there are balls to run through to get rid of the stacks. Learning that ten stacks is okay reduces the panic a lot.

Everyone should start by adding /range 5 in their chat box. There is a mechanic that can mind control you (you are simply stunned) and you need to be knocked out of the circle. If two players are too close then they both can get it. And the circles stay, so if you are running, you can run right into one and get stuck.

Phase one is on the boss, avoiding all of the mechanics. I focused my heals on the two tanks, they can get up to 36 stacks and be very vulnerable. I used tranquility in this phase.

Phase two splits the group for the two big adds while the boss parks in the middle of the room and shoots an occasional beam that hurts (it is tricky to see his facing in this phase). There will be adds that do mind flay and this is brutal; healers can get three or four of these guys flaying away at you (shadowmeld sometimes worked to drop these guys off of you, but oddly not always) until they are downed one-by-one by the dps. I used Innervate and Big Tree and muscle-healed through this part.

It is a nine minute fight. This means that you can use tranquility of all three phase ones and big tree and innervate on the two phase twos. You will probably need to do this.

The time spent learning this fight was a lot. Like the prior boss, Zul, I expect some wipes in the future and then it will be well-rehearsed and easily done. When we get to the heroic version, I expect some new mechanic but we will have learned the basics and will be stronger.

Look up the fight on some guide. Expect a learning curve. And thank your healers!

One thought on “Normal Mythrax

  1. Wow nine minutes. Heh, not that your thoughts here are not helpful, but as a healer with Cooldown, I now realize what knowing the lenght of the fight in advance means!

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