Dev Q&A – Oct. 11, 2018

“It takes 20 years to make an overnight success.”
Eddie Cantor

Dev Q&A – Oct 11, 2018

Let’s be reminded every time that we watch the Dev Q&A from the WoW guys that they are not professional speakers. With only an hour, there should be a sense of urgency that is lacking. Josh Allen explaining each question to Ion as if he could not understand it is frustrating. So are trips to time’s past in the game.

In a nutshell: everything will be great in 8.1.

When is 8.1? We don’t know. It is going on the PTR. Some guess January which means months in our current state of play. But, things will be awesome. Trust, my friends.

Azerite gear is going through changes, as it should. Of interest is that, in 8.1, we’ll see a spec specific trait on the new outer ring. That sounds pretty good to me.

Tanks and Healing classes will be looked at. We are reminded that all healing is not about Healing Per Second numbers, silly players! And tanks should not complain unless they are not good tanks who see the entire playing field; tanks are generals of our army — who cares about class differences? (just a little sarcastic, apologies)

And then the usual stuff; pvp things and rep things and alt things and realm sharding things. Yes, they are aware and are working on it.

Oh; and Blizzcon, we are promised, with be huge!

I’m glad they do these things. We can feel like we are being listened to with our concerns. It is fun to watch with a ham and cheese sandwich.

9 thoughts on “Dev Q&A – Oct. 11, 2018

    • Going to think on this to write about. But I wonder if it all started falling apart when they stopped letting the CMs talk to people on the forums.

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      • I don’t think they are communicating. What they are doing is saying hey we’re listening, and here’s a press conference letting you know we’ve seen what your saying.

        Years ago CMs were all over the forums interacting, having discussions with players. Getting a feel for what the frustrations were.

        Honestly this feels like lip service.

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  1. Eh…Where did the soul go?
    Blizzard, yo! I had it up to here with all this azerite armor gear talk! Have a care! Get rid of it and slap on choose-able traits on the necklace and be done with it!

    I think Ion should go back to his standing pose in these videos. The last one seemed so sincere and much more open. This is just too laidback for the increasing frustration that seems to be rising and ungoing throughout many of the players (not me, but I’m just a teeny tiny minority)
    Know your audience.

    8.1 in January really does make it appear as if BfA was launched far too early. What a shame. I get why, just, I’m afraid it really miss out on things. I imagine some players that have unsubbed were looking forward to binge play (is that a word?) during the Christmas Holiday.

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  2. I personally can’t watch these Q&As. I always get more upset and I do not like the way Ion speaks about the game usually. I just get my fill of the info from 3rd parties like here and wowhead.

    I am curious to see what they talk about in blizzcon. I know classic will get some attention, I’m not super hyped about classic but I’m sure it will still be fun to see.

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    • When first announced, I hoped that Classic would be part of our subscription and that you could take your Classic character (if you wanted) over to the current game. I only wanted to play it for about thirty minutes, tourist style. I won’t buy it, that is for sure.

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      • Oh yea. I had been going under the assumption that there would be classic servers (like maybe one pve and one PvP per region or something like that). And it would just be another option with our subscription. But if I have to buy it separately I wont even try it out. I was planning on trying it with friends who are excited for it since they played classic, but only as a tourist.

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  3. Watched the whole thing and I’m still sitting here going “Wut?” because there was a lot of information that just seemed to circle around and not really reach it’s destination. Oh well, I’ll keep plugging along.

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