Moving on Up!

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”
Helen Keller

Moving on Up!

Yay, we killed Normal G’huun this week! Big guild achievement and screenshots and celebratory shouts, it was party time. Up two ramps, left and right, are corridors which hamper the travel of these orbs to their needed goal. Once that is understood and accomplished, the rest of the fight was a surprise cake walk. We “threw away” several pulls to learn the orb run.

The expansion must be Alt friendly. My Main who has raided and run mythic plus dungeons has an ilevel of 358, my alchemist Alt is 355 with only LFR runs and Warfront rewards; big ones, obviously and the envy of my main.

Needing Hydrocore, running the daily heroic dungeon “might” give you a drop. Okay.
Wanting the rank two and three recipes of the mystic cauldron, my alchemist Alt is now running Mythic 0. Learning the hard way: heroic dungeons reset daily, normal can be run endlessly, key runs can be run endlessly: mythic 0 has a weekly lock out. Now it is a rotation through dungeons instead of cherry-picking Freehold every day. Why this kind of the dungeon, in the middle of difficulty is a weekly thing: I don’t get it.

The Transmute: Fish to Gems is Catfish and Sand Shifters fish. They are the left-overs from fishing up the good Captain’s Bountiful Feast. It is surprisingly satisfactory to do the daily cool down.

Buying the Big Bronto has been one the highlights of this expansion. It feels uninteresting to look at the exalted mounts for purchase, I own the big one. Break time during raids has requests for access to the Auction House and I like that a lot!


One thought on “Moving on Up!

  1. Congratulations 🙂 That must feel awesome! Where is the kill shot!? 😀 Wow 355 on an alt, well done – I felt very good about my 343 on my main 🙂 I am saving up for the Bronto too. It is just so handy to have.

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