Candy Buckets

“This end have I reached before. What new adventure lies in store?”
Headless Horseman

Candy Buckets

Okay! Hallow’s Eve is here for a fun holiday. Good luck on the mount. I got mine in 2010. Blizzard Watch by Anna Bell has a very good write up Hallow’s End returns to World of Warcraft with some new collectables.

There is a new toy that I have my eyes on called The Headless Horseman’s Hearthstone. It can replace your hearthstone in your bag and be in the toybox as a favorite or on your action bar. You can bet that I’ll build a macro!

Headless Horseman’s Hearthstone
Item Level 1
Binds when picked up
Use: Returns you to . Speak to an Innkeeper in a different place to change your home location. (30 Min Cooldown)

“Return home in the spookiest way possible!”

World Event: Hallow’s End

Collecting the Tricky Treats.
I am using the addon Candy Buckets this year. I’ve used the Handy Notes one before and it works well too. I will delete it when I’m done. It shows the candy buckets on the map that you have not collected yet.

I suggest starting with Outland, Pandaria and Northrend because they are smaller zones. The fastest way is to fly “by hand” in the most direct way. I’ll confess to using the flight points in Pandaria which go all over the place because I enjoyed the scenic view. Later, I used the flight paths and read headlines.

It takes time. Use an Alt who needs XP or not. There is no right way to do it. The daily dungeon gives five Tricky Treats while the buckets give one or two. My only wish would be that the Tricky Treats could be account-bound and not soulbound. That little bit of relief would have been welcome.

Have fun!

8 thoughts on “Candy Buckets

  1. Oh my. Seasonal again?! So many other things, like weekly whatevers. For for me it feels there is almost always a seasonal event going on. Another thing that felt more special in the good old days (rose tinted spectales equipped).

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      • Last time I managed to do them, but I often miss them. Lack of time or energy. Pugs are also in such a hurry.
        And island expeditions… think I managed to do weekly twice on those…
        If seasonal have toys or mounts I don’t have, i feel quite lured into doing them, as they only come once a week. The candy buckets collecting and other seasonal questing I’ve done quite a few times on alts, as it gives extra benefit of xp. Also nice to jus fly from one point to next. Can do other stuff, afk or at computer. 🙂

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  2. 2 years ago I made the decision that I was only trying for the mount on my main. Last year I believe I tried a handful of times, sold off piles of masks, and now here we are again. Ran it last night, same results I have had the previous 9 years. If I get it, I will be happy to have finally gotten it. But it won’t be shouts of joy, but more of a sigh of relief that I never have to run that instance again.

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