Still Playing?

“I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.”
Oscar Wilde

Still Playing?

I am still playing and having fun.

As a player who enjoys the many things offered, dropping Time Walking this week hurt. One doesn’t want to miss an Emissary or the Arathi Warfront rares and quests. One can’t skip the holiday and the new toy. One would like to do Island Expeditions on a regular basis. Dungeons must be run for the Hydrocore. The To-Do list is too long!

For a designer, having the players see so many opportunities might be satisfying. As a player, I do want to play the game that is offered and dropping something as too time consuming is a shame. I used the Suggestion Box to say that I’d like the TW dungeons to go faster like they used to go for us.

It is early in the expansion but we do see 8.1 coming down the track. It is hard to feel complete with so many things to farm or grind. It is too early to look at a list of missing toys, mounts, gear and pets from the Arathi Warfront; I’ve only gotten a few and must return next time and then again and again.

It is as if I don’t know where to put my priority. I’m not driven by gear, it will come because I do like to dungeon and raid with my amigos. Should I make sure I do the full Island run each week; I certainly don’t.

Blah. Blah. Blah!

I WILL say that the Headless Horseman Hearthstone is the first toy that I feel has some pizz-azz. It looks great. I’ve not macro’d any toys to it yet because it is pretty darn spectacular on it’s own! When you hit the loading screen, you can hear the HH laughter!

8 thoughts on “Still Playing?

  1. My wife did her TImewalking last night. I had logged out around 8pm and she was waiting for someone to finish up something to run. She logged out at 2am. I have not done a Timewalking in I don’t know how long. The scaling down of gear and abilities to what they feel makes it a challenge just left a bad taste to me. I know for a fact that during Wrath or any expansion that has has them, that they never took as long as they do now. They have scaled them to a level of a person running in Quest greens or blues. They are converting the game to a level of challenge that they want it to have, and no matter how much gear we may acquire, it will never become easier. They know how much time they need something to take, and there is no getting around it. For me, it has become all too much easier to just “not” do things over letting myself get frustrated at trying and it taking much to long for a minimal award.

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  2. Got that toy today. It is great!
    As for missing on stuff when there is a calendar collision, 5 mans always seem to come last in my list (especially pugs), except some old raids or so. I have not even done all the 5 mans in BfA yet! Wasted maybe to much time in loong epic battlegrounds. But whatever is fun is prio.

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  3. Ouch, that title of your post hits me. I miss the Alunaria that, without hesitation, would just respond “of course I am!”. That toy looks so neat, I wonder what it did! How much does it cost?

    Hm, priorities. I think your suggestion to make TWs take shorter is a fair one. I used to do 5 for the quest, but now, I just do the one for the 500 TW tokens. I try to get the most out of the time spent. I also try to target guarantee. RNG is not for those with limited time.

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    • Some of the TW dungeons are fairly quick, specially if one equips the Legion legendaries to use their powers.
      I’ve been doing quite a few on multiple characters. Got tokens for a pet, and to push my anglers rep enough so I’d get the toy raft.

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      • Also, the most painful TWs are Cata and BC. Some Cata bosses have awful mechanics, and BC trash will stun/silence/etc. Two things that end up making each run slower.

        Having playing all 3 roles this TW, I’d say its on par with doing those dungeons while leveling, not quicker, but not necessarily slower.

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      • Ah right. I just had no idea, thought legendary items wouldn’t work past 115. I don’t mind them taking the time they do, it’s a choice not to do them after all, nothing is a “must”.


  4. So much to do! I had forgotten it is timewalking. I will need to do 1 on each of my characters and collect some more badges today.

    I sat down to see what I’m missing from arathi rares yesterday as I got the achievement for collecting the full gear set. I am only missing 1 mount, 2 pets, and 4 toys!

    But to answer your question. Yes, sort of, I am still playing. My game time has dropped a significant amount as I have grown a little bored already of the expansion. I get on and do some missions. Do some quests on an alt if I feel up to it. Then log off and go play the new Assassin’s Creed. I haven’t played an AC game since the very first one and I am having a great time in the new one!

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