Progressing Along

“There are some ideas so wrong that only a very intelligent person could believe in them.”
George Orwell

Progressing Along

The raid game is moving forward with now 5/8 on heroic. With luck we will balance our progress so to get Ahead of the Curve before the next raid drops; but not too soon. Keeping a raid team together is hard, very hard.

Azerite gear can be traded but the drop rate is so low that you rarely see it. If the changes come where we “might” get a currency from scrapping, our generosity will disappear, no doubt fomenting anger and some resentment at either the players or the designers. It is a clumsy solution but it is not final, I’m not sure if it is on the PTR yet.

Bringing the class forces our sturdy raid team to go to the pug boards. You need specific classes to do the fights; priests and shamans and DKs come to mind. The players who have Ahead of the Curve talked about pugging in orb runners for the final boss.

I don’t mind the pug situation but it takes time, volumes of time. With only one class that can make a closet, we often simply sit and wait for players to come from Boralus or even Stormwind to make it to our raid and then through the maze. Then we do a pull and if we wipe, a bunch will leave and we start all over again.

I can only hope that the next raid is not so class specific. It is not fun to spend most of your evening sitting and waiting to play. Yet, this is Blizzard’s intentional design.

In case you are wondering, many of the achievements are class specific too. A Demon Hunter on Elevator Music makes too much sense, trying it without one could take hours and forced wipes.

Still, the carrot is progress and that we are doing!



2 thoughts on “Progressing Along

  1. That quote is brilliant, hah. Good luck ahead šŸ™‚ This raid environment is completely unexplored by me in BfA. I guess I have things to look forward to šŸ™‚ Favorite fight as a Healer?

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