Raiding Fading

“Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone.”
Dorothy Parker

Raiding Fading

The players who only play WoW show up to raids. The guys who played WoW and tried the raiding scene but enjoy other kinds of games are starting to play those games. Guild Wars seems to be popular with these players.

Uldir, which I call Oh Dear!, is a tedious bit of game play. Too much trash and too much trash with boss skills and each boss has too many mechanics, I think. It is hard to say but I know from my own experience that there is no single boss that I look forward to fighting. I don’t blame those guys for looking for other forms of entertainment.

Typically on our raid team, there will be a boss or two in a raid where we say, “oh, we got this” or we look forward to a boss as our time to shine and show off our mad skills. I don’t see that in Uldir. We are not over-powered and a single person can wipe the raid (and does with many apologies).

In Legion, we had Mistress Sassy with whom we struggled and then learned the fight; phase by phase until we were confident. Every kill after that, we felt powerful and enjoyed our rehearsed dance. I simply don’t feel that in Uldir, I’m sorry.

On Saturday, we put up a pug board and got a block of five players who were “geared”. Their raid team had blown up but these five still wanted to play, so they joined us for a little bit and then drifted off.

Wait, I take it back. MOTHER on heroic is a hoot and challenging. The second boss is fun and a bit silly. I do like that one. And I like the start of Mythrax where we all jump into a hole together, that is fun too. But, readers, I’m really trying to see it.

We doubt, today, if we’ll get the Ahead of the Curve feat of strength this time, even if the next raid doesn’t arrive until deep January. That is a bit unsettling!

We like our raid team, I have faith that the next raid will be better designed.

2 thoughts on “Raiding Fading

  1. Oh, I like that the trash prior to a boss has similar mechanics, so the team can get a taste of it. But I can relate to it being too much over the top and too tedius after a while for sure. Is the difficulty the “One mistake from one player results in a wipe”-kind, or? Those are what I found the most frustrating in the past.

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