Going Mobile

“Our life is frittered away by detail… simplify, simplify.”
Henry David Thoreau

Going Mobile

Thoreau, while doing his Walden Pond thing, urged us to “simplify, simplify, simplify”. Sure he made a big deal about isolation at that time but he also would walk from his pond over to his mom’s house for cookies too.

Liking the idea, I feel I am way past the need to accrue more stuff in my home to show my success. I only own one bowl for cereal or soup. Getting it down to one was hard. I look to my boxes of books with a bit of squinty eyes. I love my books and return to them as old friends.

Blizzard is expanding its franchise to include mobile games for the phone. MMO Champions lists mobile game in its report on Activision Earnings Call. In it we see how coveted the market is in China.

As of this point, a lot of people have grown up with a phone in their hands. A phone is much more than a phone, it is a shield from the world around you. How often have I seen people in the store with a phone to their ear pretending to be talking or check their phone to avoid eye contact? It takes much less than a thought to pop up a game and be absorbed in your phone.

I don’t have any games on my phone. I scowl at my phone when it beeps that I have an e-mail, the darn thing is too intrusive and nags worse than my ex-wife. As you might guess, I have no interest in Blizzard’s mobile games and resent that they take talent away from my World of Warcraft; if they do that.

Unless … that mobile game can support my PC game! If I could do a pet battle or some kind of WQ type thing to improve and further my character, I’d do that. You and me both don’t think that will be the design. So, they can put out a bunch of different products but in my mission to simplify my life: I’ll stick with the World of Warcraft.

3 thoughts on “Going Mobile

  1. I wish Blizzard would be more see-through and upfront about this. Going Mobile is nessesary, it brings in cash, which hopefully helps fond our PC game. In my positive attempt to view on it.

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