Looking at Professions: 8.1

“A chef is a mixture maybe of artistry and craft. You have to learn the craft really to get there.”
Wolfgang Puck

Looking at Professions: 8.1

The profession changes are up on the PTR but I’m not on the PTR. I can try looking through the Wowhead data-mining.

I think it will be hit and miss. For example, Blizzard has completely missed the boat when it comes to the Bountiful Captain’s Feast. Two “major” things are happening. One is a new version of the feast which replaces Midnight Salmon for Sanguicell. The second is the new leather-working recipe that can make a lure for Midnight Salmon (using three expulsom and five hydrocore). This lure is expensive to make and will be useless.

Here is my current look at the Captain’s Feast:


As you can see or guess, in fishing for the two needed items I have caught more than enough Midnight Salmon. I have an abundance of Salmon. Blizz doesn’t play their own game, certainly they don’t grind mats for feasts and it shows!

If you want to make gold, you could put a bunch of Redtail Loach on the AH for high prices for those suckered into thinking that using Sanguicell is an advantage. I know, I have about 250 of that item.

The other thing that interests me is the Tools of the Trade questlines for the crafting professions. There is zero for gathering: zero. Each crafter gets a little something extra. It is fun, I hope, that some need to visit shrines or drums in the world.

These are from a screen cap of a photo of a slide at Blizzcon. Best that we can do today.










Some things look interesting, Jewel-Crafters will get new gems that do some fun things but I don’t think that we’ll see anything in abundance.

There are lots of things happening in 8.1; new islands, warfronts, reps and more. For the most part, I’ll find it when I find it!

4 thoughts on “Looking at Professions: 8.1

  1. Professions completely took a backseat for me in BfA. I am waiting for the patch. I heard some material costs will be less too? I spotted a WQ one of the last weeks, where the cost for an upgrade pattern were just outrageous!

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