Ebb and Flow: Gold Making

“If your only goal is to become rich, you will never achieve it.”
John D. Rockefeller

Ebb and Flow: Gold Making

Candidly, my intention for making gold is when I have a goal and have something that I want to buy. Currently, there is nothing that looks appealing.

After I bought the Bronto gold sink mount, I dropped to 200,000 gold and now I’m up around 430,000 gold. Not much effort on my part, it is more a bit of playing at the AH. That Auction House is a brutal place to pvp.

Players are not shopping. You don’t see pet sales or tmogs sales going very well. The constants are raw materials and things needed to play like flasks or shout scrolls. Most players are not seeing easy gold and so they don’t spend easy gold. I have not been to the Black Market Auction House since this expansion dropped.

At this moment, we are in a fading market as we are in a lull before the next raid. The next raid is in January and for gold goblins, that is far away. I see very few gear upgrades for myself now.

Big gold makers like the Darkmoon Cards are fading. This was a very robust sales item and still best-in-slot for all stages of raiding. But the number of 355 as an ilevel doesn’t feel good, players want to look good too.

It is strange to me because the perception that I have of high Key dungeoneers is that they fine tune everything (which is why Ion stopped their ability to talent change) but my reality is that those players skip almost everything: food, potions, gems, enchants, shouts and invisibility pots. They will flask and would rather power through some mobs rather than skip them.

The mindset of the high key runners is very much like the pvp players. They want to show their skill in the class, they want to move quickly and right, they like the speed rush and, yet, accept failure easily. Fore-thought and planning is minimal at best.

I can’t sell invisibility pots!

You can sell feasts, flasks, potions and more but the market should be much more robust.

As always, play to the weekend warrior by selling raw materials and gear; put your stuff up on Friday.

On Monday night, put up your flasks and feasts for the raiders and organized play.

Get in the habit of putting stuff on the AH at the end of your play session, even if is fish, herbs and a few ores.

Farming for Gold
I don’t recommend it at all! Go catch some pets or join a battle ground.

If you must, fish up Redtail Loach to sell. Riverbud is the most used herb in alchemy. Monolite Ore is the base for many recipes.

If your dreams is greens, I suggest the Invasive Quillrats at Hawthorne’s Plot in Drustvar. It is a questing place with non-stop respawns and you farm Meaty Haunch. I got about ten pieces of green gear in twenty minutes.

The crafting professions suck.

We are now in the “rep phase” on Alliance for trading goods for AP by the portal to Arathi Highlands. I sold a LOT of the Grilled Catfish yesterday!

Gold Making is an empty chase but if you must, have some fun with it. Good luck!

5 thoughts on “Ebb and Flow: Gold Making

  1. I see they dangled the golden carrot for Emmisary quests gold rewards. Now 2000g. Honestly you can almost envision aspects of the game people are not doing by how much they bump rewards, or nerf difficulty. I still sell Draenor bags for 800-900 easy. I’m not doing anything in the game that requires food or flasks. And like you mentioned, crafting professions are really bad. I made a few enchants to sell thinking I would make a few grand. They ended up selling for 500g after multiple listings and finally just undercutting everyone.

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  2. I want to save up for that Bronto mount, because I rarely if at all in BfA visited the AH – and I know I would, if it was right there.

    But it´s just, I don´t know, the economy seems so weird right now. Thank you for the tips 🙂

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    • The Bronto is a great long term goal. Make a Dwarf alt and stick her in Ironforge. Funnel everything from when you play to her to sell. Use an addon like Auctionator — you can make it so only that character uses the addon so it doesn’t burden your game play on your Main. That addon is only so you can easily undercut when posting, so you don’t have to work at it.

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